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Well the psychological themes are very similiar. Also, the final enemies in Digimon Tamers, the D-Reapers are VERY-VERY similiar to Angels in Evangelion. The last D-Reaper even has a mask like Lilith did and it's face evolved to a human's one just like Lilith's .. While Digimon Tamers isn't that sad, psychological and fucked up and is targeted more at kids than Evangelion then it's still clearly influenced by it. Also, in both series there is a company that is related to the D-Reapers/Angels. And some of the digimons in this series are based off the Evangelion mechas. (one of them even had that big   read more
report Recommended by RyuRobin
Neon Genesis Evangelion is known as a very abstract, philosophic and psychological anime. Digimon Tamers also has these elements, as it deals with psychological character dissections and the meaning of life, among others. Note that in Digimon Tamers, these elements are presented in a very shonen way, more as underlying elements of the story than the focus, where in Evangelion this IS the case. Nevertheless, Digimon Tamers DOES have substance, you'll notice it when you're watching. If you've already watched Tamers and liked how that anime kept you thinking while watching it, Evangelion might be your thing.
report Recommended by racoontyfoon_v2
In a sense, both series tend to explore on the same themes. Some might even go as far as to say that Tamers is a lighter version of Evangelion. Both explore on themes which deal mainly with the psychological nature of man and its surroundings. As such, terms related to psychology and studies centered on man are portrayed in the show. Such terms present in both series are not limited to: -Exploring the theory of humans evolving into a higher form of existence. -Interpersonal relationships of human beings with one another (hedgehog's dilemma, Separation anxiety disorder, etc.) Tamers is a definite recommend for those who want to   read more
report Recommended by Atenista
It might be hard at first to find common aspects between those two animes, but if you analyze it thoroughly, you can notice that they are very similar in certain manner. Konaka did the work on Tamers so well that he managed to hide attributes from EVA masterfully and make the show following the same Digimon style as it predecesorrs. However, knowing Konaka, this show has more complex character development, characters dealing with their own problems and questions about life meaning in both psychological and physiological way. Now about similarities between EVA and Tamers. Several characters in Tamers are based on characters in Evangelion. Same battle   read more
report Recommended by filepile
The D-Reaper is similar to the Angels in design, but that's not what makes these two series alike. Tamers and NGE take a heroic story of saving the world, and ask how this epic quest would affect the characters. They're both concerned with the moments of hopelessness that come up in these quests. I find that Tamers is in more control of its ideas and has a more realistic development, whereas NGE prefers to be more exaggerated. NGE has better pacing and much better action.
report Recommended by TheBrainintheJar
While Digimon Tamers is targeted to children, it's of course easier to digest and the themes are presented in a way the target group can deal with. Although these themes are very similar and mature. Even some metaphors are the same (the cockpit in Evangelion and the bubble a character is put in Digimon Tamers, stand for lonineless and depression). The D-Reapers are similar to the angels in Evangelion too.
report Recommended by _Maneki-Neko_