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Both tackles the issue existentialism though in different ways. Both feature characters questioning their very own existance and self~worth. Both were the pinnacle of animation in their respective times. Eva has bio~mecha, Akira has a motorcycle.
report Recommended by Banchou
Both deal with heavy emotion and the deconstruction of characters. If you enjoyed the bleak tone of Evangelion you'll enjoy the similar tone in Akira.
report Recommended by Dcmac12
(Refering to the whole series, series+ films) Both show a world after a catastrophe and talk about phenomena that science can't explain. Both shows have some kind of a "chosen one" The two of them have some years, so the art is kinda old and show the story of a boy that jumps into something that is too big for them and have "wtf?" stories and endings. Apart from that, Akira is older than Evangelion, but the animation is reeaally good, so it doesn't matter, and akira doesn't have mechas.
report Recommended by Jxk
Both are pretty similar in terms of tone, with both having been made in the 90s and having a sorta bio-technology kinda vibe. Both are also depressing as hell at times
report Recommended by Bruuuuh868
Rightfully regarded as classics, these seminal sci-fi anime are both very cerebral at times and deal with the themes of teen angst and depression (albeit in different ways).
report Recommended by LoveLikeBlood
The two are both great dark dystopian/post-apocalyptic science fiction with stellar animation.
report Recommended by thehangingman
Religious imagery.
report Recommended by Loch_Tess
You either love them or hate them. Very rarely is there any in-between. Controversial pieces of art that are dark in tone and cryptic in meaning.
report Recommended by Gozaimasen
Both animations happen in a dystopical futuristic Japan where unnatural things occur, such us giant robots fighting with angels or kids with superpowers that fight eachother.
report Recommended by mattematica
Both are set in dystopian futures, in a post-apocalyptic futuristic "Tokyo". They have beautiful animation considering they are both hand-drawn 2D animes from 1988 and 1995. Furthermore they both have stories linked to the underlying psychology of society and the nature of humanity. The plots have underlying themes expressing the rapid industrialisation of Japan, where cycles of creation and destruction spin constantly, cities are laid to waste, while humankind works meticulously on their plans of survival through the means of science and technology.
report Recommended by Cuesta27
These are both franchises that were early staples in the anime industry. They have similar animation style and grim nature.
report Recommended by declarationation
Both while mostly focusing on sci-fi elements but have a great deal psychological stuff near the end
report Recommended by Proto002
Both are set in a futuristic version of Japan. Both have amazing OSTs.
report Recommended by Guffy666