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Aside from the similarity in their narratives, where we see lots of religious symbolism strewn throughout a post-apocalyptic world, Evangelion and Lustrous share a love of evocative and atmospheric visual direction, especially in regards to the backgrounds, and they both regularly highlight emotional character notes throughout the series through this type of direction. Phos also shares a lot of similarities with Shinji, including issues with self-worth, depression, loneliness, and resentment. In regards to other characters, both shows feature a large cast of well-developed and generally broken characters who all get explored on some level. Fans of existential entertainment, character studies, and great visual direction should   read more
report Recommended by relyat08
Cryptic pseudo-symbolism, a worthless main character, and a thick air of mystery that tells you something's not quite right
report Recommended by Zadion
Both possess similar concept, setting on apocalyptic era, where Evangelion has tormented haunting angels, Houseki no kuni has moon dwellers in this stead. Both explore physiological issues in the later episodes. By 'Change' underlies the themes, from transformation, resistance, and acceptance. Both deconstructed its issues through philosophical lens.
report Recommended by Munns
Anyone who likes one will almost definitely like the other. They have very different settings, but so many plot elements and vibes in common: - an inherently "weak" protagonist devoted to a mysterious parent-like character - character studies; large group of characters - strange almost-aliens that attack from the sky; whole societies buiilt around fighting these creatures off - fantastical world-building that is unveiled slowly, so that you are always left more curious - subtle treatment of gender/sexuality - ptsd - wholesome coming-of-age vibes that hide something terribly, existentially sad underneath - GORGEOUS animation etc etc
report Recommended by morganjoyner
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