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If you like complex thinking, you should watch this. Very psychological.
report Recommended by PandaPuff
Lain and Evangelion are intrinsically complex series. In both there is a strong presence of technology, which underlines the problematic relationship between individual existence and collective psychological archetypes of a symbolic order. These anime address topics such as the self, the body, the role of communication and the possibility of forging bonds. Lain is heavily intellectual from the outset and slow-paced through and through, while Eva only develops its conceptual core in the later episodes and is much more action-driven. Lain and Eva are prodigies of existential thought transmitted through a visual medium; and as such they go hand in hand.
report Recommended by Nocturnal
Both are very deep, and make you think. They have somewhat similar theme, but the setting is very different. Lain is no doubt a series to be enjoyed for every NGE fan that was attracted by NGE's psychological scenes.
report Recommended by Korru
Both have deeply complex plots and deal with the human psyche
report Recommended by little_raven
Makes you think on what the hell is actually happening in the anime, and what the characters are thinking and what leads to their actions.
report Recommended by Jayith
Dark, psychological, philosophical, mysterious, Lain and Evangelion are very similar thematically and tonally. If you like one (or if you didn't absolutely hate the last two episodes of Evangelion), you'll almost certainly like the other.
report Recommended by Mawootad
Two great psychological anime. In both almost all the characters have their own individual inner world, incomprehensible even to themselves, do not speak already about others. Immediately recall the words of Gendo Ikari: "No one will ever fully understand another person". So, to fully enjoy these masterpieces of psychological need to put it mildly, "to apply the brain." Well, if you're fans of the genre ala "Lucky Star", or "Azumang's" image not recommend.
report Recommended by Die_Mann
I've watched both of this anime and i think that anyone who has watched Neon Genesis evangelion should also watch serial experiments lain.The most common thing between these two anime is the psychological aspect.Both of them have a complicated history and also characters.Even if the history is not the same (of course) they both have to do with technology and future.Also the main character are almost the same,with big personality problems and duple personality sometimes.Also i think that in both animes the characters surrounding the main characters are problematic and difficult to understand .
report Recommended by myso12
Both these series are psychological in nature. It explores the idea of existence, self and being. You'll end up questioning yourself. Although NGE has more action and SEL has a slower pace.
report Recommended by Mirorin
Both have similar themes dealing with "god" and self discovery. They also share similar art styles and story telling mechanics.
report Recommended by Cesilius
Heavily influencing deep psychological thinking, themes like Existential philosophy and Depth in human inter-relations, both shows intersect in the point where the viewer is left with more meaning behind the plot and span of episodes. If you like Complex themes, and thought-skewering eeriness, watch them both.
report Recommended by ramimanify
- Both are psychological and deep - Both are mindscrewy (Lain more so than Eva) - The last two episodes of Eva are the most similar to Lain
report Recommended by jessifer
Kinda an obvious rec, both series carry similar emotions and bring up a lot of questions. Also from the same era
report Recommended by Church_of_Yeezus
If you liked NGE's psychological theme and complex story , i would recomend this anime because it consists of some of the same themes and the story is quite complex so it would require you to use your brain
report Recommended by SpookiDjinn
Revenge of the late 90s with these two unique pieces. Serial Experiments Lain is only similar to Neon Genesis Evangelion with the undertones, as well as the atmosphere and overall impression both series tend to leave with people. Evangelion will leave you somewhat shaken in what you consider to be "normal" in the ways of human psychology, as well as taking you through a detailed unraveling of the main characters, whereas Lain will leave you wondering more about the duality of the self and the responsibilities associated with near God-Like power (something that the viewers of the End of Evangelion wish had been discussed with   read more
report Recommended by Traveling_Man
Complex plot lines, existentialism, and bizarre realities are present in both. Anime you need to think about after watching. Both could be seen as old takes on future technological development as well
report Recommended by Legg91
They both trying to answer existential question about meaning of life. Have similar motives in delving of human psyche. Both are hard to watch, not for enjoyment, but meaning. If you appreciate one, you would another.
report Recommended by Adels
both neon genesis evangelion and serial experiments lain are shows that mainly revolve metaphorical/deeper elements yet also can conjure up a sophisticated and complex plot. like evangelion, many of the scene in sal can be analyzed heavily and may take a couple rewatches to figure out what's really going on beneath the plot's surface layer. lot's of "oh i get it now!" in both animes.
report Recommended by gkillua
Both shows explore a world that isn't fully understood and delve deep into the psyche of the characters within that world.
report Recommended by CodexDM
Two series difficult to understand, which showed great innovation in its time. But not as much as in its images , and the way it flows the pain of our protagonists , a psychological game with religious touches. In a world , the world of our main character, in their struggle to understand his existence , where throughout the series, accumulate more mysteries of this surreal world .
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Both series are similarly portraying themes in a wide array of ways. They are complexly build, feature darker elements and similar in directing and animation style.
report Recommended by AnimeXHunter
Both are artsy type animes, that leave a lot of story details up for interpretation for the viewer, however 'Serial Experiments Lain" is a bit more vague with its story so that may shy away potential viewers.
report Recommended by BurbleBenis
Deep, complex, and dark stories with underlying themes of the human mind and depression. Both are full of psychological, and philosophical ideas relating to existence, self-perception, and god. Neither are shows to watch with your brain turned off.
report Recommended by Gone_Noir
Neon Genesis Evangelion is a very psychological show, and Serial Experiments Lain is the same in that regard, plus they both have a dark science fiction setting. Serial Experiments Lain also touches on some things talked about in the infamous last two episodes of NGE, and if you didn't hate those episodes, I would say that is more of a reason to give SEL a shot. Both also have some great directing and can take a bit of thinking to fully understand the plot.
report Recommended by QueenNothing
Both involves coplex and thought-provoking story. Have similar dark and depressing atmosphere ,lots of psychological and philosophical ideas.
report Recommended by GreedyTaiga
- both deal with themes such as the unity of humanity being the highest level of evolution - deeply psychological; not for the simple-minded - serve thoughtful questions for the viewer to digest - both cult classics that stand out drastically against your average run-of-the-mill anime drama - it's some of the darkest of the dark in the world of anime
report Recommended by birdiverse
Both anime are shows that will question their audiences and make them think about the messages and impactions they present. They both require time, an open mind for interpretation, and patience to understand. They are both quite dark, and should not be watched by children, however, for older audiences, these are both shows I would highly recommend.
report Recommended by Manpig
Identity and "human and machine" themes. Very psychological, sometimes scary and difficult to understand. Characters dealing with mental problems and loneliness. For the most part, NGE is less chaotic, has more lighthearted moments and diverse characters.
report Recommended by Alex2422
psychological, kids, internal, ruminating
report Recommended by 48motion
In both Evangelion and Serial Experiments Lain, the main character undergoes a series of traumatic experiences that make them question their identity. Also, although the surface world of Evangelion seems relaxed and reasonably normal, the deeper world is nearly as dark as the Lain universe. Both are primarily psychological anime.
report Recommended by cam609lee
Both are a headache to think about and delve into the topic of depression. Serial Experiments Lain wouldn't exist without Neon Genesis as-well...
report Recommended by 16_y--o_Atheist
SEL has a deep and difficult to understand plot, like Evangelion. Both make psychologic and filosophic research through their main character. Both Shinji and Lain have large personalities with large holes in their minds.
report Recommended by PentagramShogoki
Both shows are quite complicated and will leave you questioning everything you just watched
report Recommended by Vaaaaati
They both have heavy psychological elements building upon deep rooted mental illness. Lain is extremely polarizing though so if you don't like the first few episodes its probably not for you.
report Recommended by Reddlol
Eva and SEL share an arty execution and directorial style. Borrowing conventions from French New Wave and Art Film, both make heavy use of smash cuts, close-ups, and title cards/typography. They are rife with still, silent, meditative scenes. During the more introspective or trippy scenes, characters may be ripped from their surroundings and placed against abstract backgrounds. Storytelling tends toward "show don't tell", such as showing a character's subtle actions or facial expressions rather than using explicit dialog to indicate what they're thinking. This tendency to "show don't tell" can lead to more abstract storytelling, leaving more scenes up for interpretation. This could be the   read more
report Recommended by plasmaXwisp
Do you enjoy series that make you think and series where one simple glance may not be enough? If your answer is yes, there's a chance you may like the other since they are usually referred to as "deep" or "thought-provoking" in similar ways with messages and themes that stand out to this day.
report Recommended by ManWild
Both programs have viewers divided over the true meaning of the series. Some may watch both Lain and NGE and end scratching their heads, but if you like to interpret the narrative yourself to find the true intent of the creator, these shows are both absolute must-watches. Also a recommendation to those who enjoy art-house films (especially the tail end of NGE. Reality is very fickle, and the emotions of the characters become the driving force behind the action and surreality.)
report Recommended by rat_priest
These shows both have high psychological impact.
report Recommended by raitonoberu
Both are philosophical and profound animes that are really hard to understand.
report Recommended by Nagatotoro
A very complex anime with involvement of psychological aspects, taboo issue, and the sarcastic approach towards the reality in our society. Be prepare for a long night of contemplation after finishing both series, while Evangelion focuses on the Mecha battle as its main plot, Lain is leaning towards more of daily life routine but with a twist and complex story in every episode. If you're a fan of thriller and surreal anime just like me, this will be your next favourite series
report Recommended by poirotto
Both are very physiological horrory. Both dive into metaphor and become weird.
report Recommended by GrubDarling
Both animes are psychological and thought-provoking.
report Recommended by xu_an_na
Both of these shows touch on the teen psyche, philosophy, and depression. They both have gorry images and lends themselves to exploring areas that not many would. Not to mention both of these shows have BANGERS for opening songs.
report Recommended by yernco
I really enjoyed both of these anime. I recommend both as they are both great and have similar vibes. Although the plots are completely different they both left a lasting impression on me. Both mcs (Lain and Shinji) are young teenagers who both have to face mental issues, Also if you want something that explores deeply into human emotions then I recommend.
report Recommended by lemon1melon
These two animes have a similarity psychological vibes
report Recommended by bladepa_
psychological thriller involving child abuse and emotionally unavailable kids
report Recommended by Loafia
If you like the complex plot of evangelion you will enjoy Serial experiments lain
report Recommended by DevinePower468
Both MCs are depressed and their storylines are confusing... yet oddly terrifying... Nothing to note, I just wanna point out there.
report Recommended by EatYourFrutz_
Both old but both share the common theme of philosophical questions and metaphysics.
report Recommended by jediwhite