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Eureka Seven takes many MANY things from Evangelion, such as characters (i.e: Rei Ayanami = Eureka), use of mecha, some things from the plot, etc. Sometimes when I was watching Eureka 7 I felt i was wachting eva, altough Eureka is not as sad or phsicological as Evangelion.
report Recommended by edwarx
Eureka Seven is very similar to Eva. They both have mysterious mechs. The main male characters think alike and go through a lot of change, there is a lot of character development.
report Recommended by Chicken008
Both are sci-fi, both of them have a main character who follows his evolution, and a lot of good action and sci-fi scenes :-)
report Recommended by Mireyu
Eureka7 was clearly influenced by NGE
report Recommended by sarugaki
Both have strange, simillar mechas, some psychological problems and mystery. However NGE is more .. mature (?).
report Recommended by loku1993
Both main characters are boys. Both go through things that make them go through developement. Theres plenty of Mecha battles and drama in both of them and both can get psychological at times. Also, in both NGE and E7 the mechs make up a lot of the mysteries in the plots.
report Recommended by Bondrewd-
Few anime series can compare to the masterpiece that is Evangelion, but if you are looking for something similar then Eureka Seven is more than likely a series you'll enjoy. Both stories' central focus is around a young male and his search for belonging, as he's thrown into the midst of a giant conflict. Giant mechs, young love, and large casts to boot, these two series are both quite similar to each other in a number of ways. Spoilers and synopses aren't my type, so ultimately I'll leave it for you to decide. Eureka Seven certainly isn't as timeless as Eva,   read more
report Recommended by Suave
Giant robots. Strange creatures to fight against. Protagonists with f***'d up lives. What more could you ask for? It's all right here in these two great anime series. Check them out!
report Recommended by gmsephiroth
Another anime heavily-influenced by Neon Genesis Evangelion. Both have protagonists who feel out of place and have to save the world from a mysterious and deadly enemy.
report Recommended by insoo
well they're both similar because of the whole child growing to an adult thing. if you like mecha then you'll love these
report Recommended by ucandoit
Both are about young boys that live in the shadow of a great catastrophe caused by their father. As such, they have "daddy issues" but both boys get a father figure mid-series that helps them grow. Both have humanoid biological robots, both have a kuudere blue haired girl pilot that's around before the protagonist shows up and has a special connection with her robot. She serves as the main's love interest. Both series also have another pilot girl who is a little crazy, but really just had a terrible upbringing and doesn't know how to love. Both have a theme   read more
report Recommended by angryaria
Both robot have similar design. Both have amazing plot but with different approach
report Recommended by honghsien5
Both include romance, action, and mystery. Mysterious female characters and the one's that fall for them. Plus the disasterous plot of the world ending, fighting with machinery/robots. Cute relationship that starts to form between main characters, and how they try to save the world. Both question human nature, and humanity.
report Recommended by LenDrizzle
Eureka 7 borrows some elements from Evangelion. Eureka is clearly a tribute/copy of Rei and the Nivash and TheEnd both have "souls" much like the Evangelions.
report Recommended by ZakuHead
Mecha anime with existential and psychological themes.
report Recommended by OracleAlexander
I think everyone sees this. I was certain watching the first episode that Renton was a parody of Shinji. I think he's more of a reconstruction-taking all the things that make Shinji bad and using them to give the hero Renton becomes some powerful meaning. Themes of isolation, conflict with other species and nature, poor communication, and broken families, plus uncomfortable undertones of sexual exploitation as a marker of humanity's innate problems, are shared here. There's also the shared theme of madness, but hey, this is anime.
report Recommended by FFFF00xFFFF00
Both are story driven, though Eureka Seven is not as psychological as Neon Genesis Evangelion. Both are appealing even if you're not into mecha anime. Both have a bit of a love story though Eureka Seven is driven by the love story. Most importantly, these are gems that should not be missed.
report Recommended by explicit707
The mystery, mecha, and action are hard to deny in both series. Not to mention, romance as well. Both series also have emotional awkward children piloting giant mechs and creating their destiny. Their destiny are what leads to them to become what they eventually strive to achieve. A classic mecha series for any fans who is interested.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both anime are about a young and wimpy teenage boy piloting an over-powered mecha to save the world.
report Recommended by LittleCaesars
During a conference in 2010, Dai Satō (writer of Eureka Seven) claimed that a lot of fans dismissed Eureka Seven as a clone of Neon Genesis Evangelion without even watching it. It's true that both anime involve mostly psychological introspection of the characters and mecha fights, but there's so much more to Eureka Seven that people don't often talk about, and it's definitely worth discovering. Great soundtrack, natural design, touching themes (among which, true love) and mesmerizing plot are just a little taste of the whole world that Eureka Seven has to offer the spectator.
report Recommended by Vikkio92
I'm only making this comparison simply because 1: They are pretty much staple to watch if you're first getting around to watching anime in general, and 2: watching E7 right after Evangelion won't leave you feeling destitute, since Eva is very diverse from everything else I've watched so far.
report Recommended by jrOc
Similarities: + Dark mecha series which give off similar feelings (though NGE is much more consistently dramatic) + The mechs are not very normal and are more like humans in some ways even to the point where they bleed and react to human emotions + The characters are very similar (Renton, Eureka, Anemone, Talho, and Holland in Eureka 7 are similar to Shinji, Rei, Asuka, Misato, and Gendo in NGE respectively) + Characters have psychological breakdowns and the main character has to decide whether to leave or stay
report Recommended by Asfaria
Both anime have very similar characters and similar events in the plot. I actually think Eureka was based off of Rei, they are both teenage girls with blue hair and rarely express emotion in the beginning. Of course, both shows feature mechs that the main characters have to pilot.
report Recommended by kaz_77
Rei and Eureka are very similar characters. They also both use a lot of psychological elements in their story. However, I feel like Eva presents it better.
report Recommended by vigorousjammer
Eureka 7 is almost literally Evangelion on surfboards. Don't get me wrong, a lot of things are pre-established tropes, especially within the mecha genre, but with E7 it's almost always Eva. Stuff like the alien/robot girl, the living mech, that's normal. But E7 crosses the line with this shit. >Occasionally, an LFO will be headshot; this will be viewed from the side, with the LFO's black silhouette against a white background. Half a measure will pass, and blood will begin to cartoonishly spray out, a la UNIT01 in her fight with Zeruel. >In one episode, Renton faces something dark that he had been putting off for a   read more
report Recommended by pikistikman
Think of NGE as the angst ridden older sibling of E7. They are both mecha anime involving a somewhat pessimistic and introverted protagonist (Shinji more so than Renton), biological mecha and a girl with seemingly no emotions. However, Eureka Seven has a relatively upbeat tone and likeable characters as well as a sweet and happy ending, Neon Genesis is very dark in tone with disturbed and emotionally broken characters as well as a confusing and depressing ending. I would highly recommend both shows
report Recommended by ThatRazorGuy
Both are mecha shows that start very plain with the stories only to grow into very complex shows.
report Recommended by ELPETER1