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Basically the same coming of age story as evangelion.
report Recommended by OrangeBLAHBLAH52
Both involve a coming of age for the characters. And coming to self realizations of one's self. A crazy jumble of adolescent feelings, sci fi robots and just downright everyday strangeness and, while confusing at first, the both storys are wonderful.
report Recommended by gerry_dgk
Neon Genesis is not meant to be viewed as a mecha-centered action anime, but as a interwoven psychological case study of humans and their interactions with society. The main character Shinji has to overcome psychological barriers to mature. Likewise, FLCL makes very subtle symbolic references, this time dealing with vices of human emotion, relationships, and the concept of "order", all in SIX episodes. The main character Naota also has to overcome psychological obstacles to mature.
report Recommended by joshspeagle
If wimpy boys involved in bizarre tales of robots turning up in their life with aliens or giant creatures to fight off with mind-bending themes are your cup of tea, you're gonna love FLCL. Both of them make about the same level of sense too!
report Recommended by GoThIcGeek111888
Both by Studio Gainax if I remember correctly! Neon Genesis Evangelion is the series that started a LOT of anime tropes that we know today. It seems to be a general, classic 'mech' anime at first glance but it later becomes a well known serial mind fuck. FLCL is a strange and surreal abstract comedy series from the same company, that borders on the 'why the f*ck' am I watching this?
report Recommended by HaruHaru304
Both require story event-pasting, they don;t go in a straight line, they both need analysis to figure out what the hell is going on beyond the visible Drama or the superficial setting
report Recommended by ramimanify
Heavily symbolical and difficult to understand at face value, the tale of a young man's growth is told either by guitars or biological robots. Also, a series about characters and relationships.
report Recommended by LoidNerdy101
Both are action dementia sci-fi mecha when a boy gets to ride in a robot that sometimes acts on his own will. In both, some girls gets attached to the main character without him even realizing. Both have the same "What the fuck just happened?" feeling. Both were made by Gainax.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both these series were made to be experienced rather than watched and critiqued. Although they both feature vague plot elements and sporadic character development the main appeal comes from just sitting back and enjoying ride.
report Recommended by Trap_Traps_Traps
Both are from the same author, have mecha piloted by troubled kids, psychological issues and a little of harem. If you like unusual mecha fights, deep character development and original style, this show is for you.
report Recommended by ChonenJuanpi
Both are made by Studio Gainax and are higly symbolix and complex shows, which revolve around the same themes with a highly similar cast of characters, which develop throughout the runtime of the anime.
report Recommended by AnimeXHunter
FLCL is what Evangelion would have been if the director, Hideaki Anno, had been drunk instead of depressed...and had a rock band at his disposal.
report Recommended by Devasabu
Both series are about being more mature (FLCL most than Evangelion) both have robots like the EVA and Canti. Really good characters (females and males) Both are original and made by Gainax studio.
report Recommended by CloudSoul
Both follow similar metaphoric and symbolical levels of depth/storytelling. They are similar yet completely different. (Ying/Yang)
report Recommended by StrixAnime
If Neon Genesis Evangelion was written by a crazy person instead of a depressed person, it would probably end up like FLCL. The art styles are similar in both due to sharing the same character designer, and both are coming of age stories with a twist. Gainax produced both as well. FLCL is lighter and less depressing compared to Neon Genesis Evangelion.
report Recommended by SebCyrSC2000
Both of these shows are about the psychology of relationships between people. Both have the Mecha genre, but that's not so important.
report Recommended by raitonoberu