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Eva and Bokurano deconstruct the mecha genre by adding layers of extremely dark psychological content. Both are highly visceral, the action being centered around children who are forced into a conflict of literally cosmic proportions. In these series the nature of the enemy is ambiguous to the extreme, which makes the whole experience all the more poignant. Eva's latter episodes focus heavily on existential topics, which are replaced in Bokurano with a more psychological approach. The limitless situations the casts are subjected to and the depth of characterization makes these anime masterpieces, with an appeal that goes beyond the giant robot niche.
report Recommended by Nocturnal
I think its obiviously..In both some kids must save the world, with a giant robot..But many problems apear in their way.
report Recommended by fumoffu_u
Both have Mecha's, children's problems are very similar, run a similar issue, they seem to be complement
report Recommended by gopix
Fourteen-year-olds with loads of emotional baggage piloting giant robots to protect a world full of people and things that sometimes seem like they might not be worth protecting. They both work the psychological angle nicely and are great if you want to kick your mood down a few notches.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
Bokurano is very similar to Evangelion: - they both have mechas, piloted by teenagers who are, little by little, shown to make extreme actions and decisions - the protagonists are forced to fight those "sort of unknown" enemies in order to protect/save the Earth, and all of them will pass through a very hard path Among all this, there's this very strong dark atmosphere over all the serie that will slowly bring both stories towards important and psychological ends similar to eachother. If you liked one of them, I highly recommend you to watch the another as well, as you might probably like them both.
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Several identical points: kids piloting giants robots, with hard and dismal plot; both are psychological too.
report Recommended by Disillusion
Mecha, saving world, people problems
report Recommended by flegmatyk
They are both deconstructions of the mecha genre except Bokurano is much darker. Bokurano deals with touchy subjects it is much more realistic in the portrayal of its characters.
report Recommended by PoeticJustice
Giant mechas fighting giant mechas, depressing atmosphere.
report Recommended by f42f21f24a
Both series discuss the implications of using child soldiers to protect the world from terrifying, otherworldly beings attacking for an unknown purpose. It doesn't end well for the kids in either case...
report Recommended by Hasty_Boom_Alert
They both deconstruct the mecha genre and in both cases places the plot around humanity struggles for survival against a far my sinister being.
report Recommended by Snowfox1008
These two shows have similarities both in themes and setting. They each revolve around troubled youths forced to pilot mechs and defeat enemies for the sake of their world. Both contain psychological and nihilistic themes uncommon to the shounen genre, and both have endings which require immense observation skills to understand and appreciate. Evangelion is more impressive in terms of sound and visuals, despite its age, though if you enjoy one, the other will probably suit your tastes as well.
report Recommended by AmbiguousMonster
Bokurano and Evangelion, two series that ... Mechas conducted by childrens, which voluntarily acceded, despite being used for other purposes, protecting humanity from beings outside this world. In episodes we see how feelings are explored, sadness principally, creating an atmosphere that can go to tragic at any moment, to see the past fighting the present in a constant struggle with such limiting enemies.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
both are mech deconstructions and very good pschylogical stories
report Recommended by mardog
Both are psychological seinen series about a group of boys and their problems and traumas and how they cope with them, there're battles between giant robots too.
report Recommended by atumsk
Better version of Evangelion without the generic Dere-types. Bokurano is what NGE wants to be. The psychological aspect in this series is implemented much better than in NGE. A really well-written and not-forced Drama. Only critic points are the pacing at the beginning and the shitty-looking Mecha fights.
report Recommended by anime_tops
We have the same circumstances, kids piloting huge mechas as the only hope to save the Earth. The plot is very distinct but in both cases, we have kids struggling with their emotions while they have to maintain their sanity and not break under pressure or Humanity is doomed. Lots of mysterious, hidden truth, monsters attacking mysteriously, and someone pulling the strings from the shadows. Visually, Bokurano is weaker than NGE, even though it was released over a decade later, but it still has some interesting character designs. Final conclusion: Bokurano might have implemented many elements from NGE in its plot, but it is far from being a   read more
report Recommended by INU4SH4
If you an EVA fan or just liked it very much you absolutely can find much enjoyment in this psychological mecha thriller. The premise is similar, but different at the same time. A group of classmates operate a giant mecha that deffends the Earth from invaders from other realities. And wth each battle one of the children is have to die in order for a mashine to operate. It's quite a deep and tense watch. Deffinitely worth a poke for every EVA fan.
report Recommended by NeonTiger88