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Both series feature Japan being invaded by a group of extraterrestrial creatures and a group of teenagers that are employed to fight them using creatures similar to them by a clandestine government organization that is using the alien invasion to further their own hidden agenda.
report Recommended by MykeJinX89
Both work for a secret government and the main character has to fight demons to protect the world.
report Recommended by DANCINGOTAKU
Devil Survivor 2 The Animation, is Basically trying to be NGE in a lot of ways. The OST by itself is NGE!. Yes NGE without Mecha. I'm gonna make it short and say the only thing that makes DS2 original is nothing. The fans might get mad at me. But i enjoyed the show, and i see NGE is makes the show good.
report Recommended by Onsaki
Powerful inhuman entities are attacking the earth, and advanced technological means are the only way to stop them. A young male protagonist is thrust into the fray of battle because he is more capable than anyone else with this advanced technology. The main company in charge of combat pushes adolescents past their breaking points, and show almost no regard for individual lives.
report Recommended by -pyrrhomaniac-
A limited amount of monster are attacking the city/world. They come solely after the monster before them was killed. If you don't defeat it, something terrible will occur! that's what both anime are about.
report Recommended by shinomonogatari
Same basis, different execution. In these two series, we find these similutes: - Enemies that warn the end of humanity, in EVA are Angeles and in DS2 are Septentrion´s, which appear in different places of Japan, with different abilities. - To fight, people were chosen, which are able to control a power with their own hands, in EVA they control the Evas (Mechas) and in DS2 the Demons. The ability of these weapons it depends in the carrier / pilot's ability. - The protagonist lives in an indecision of what is correct (in DS2 is not as EXAGERATED as EVA), and decides by priority to protect   read more
report Recommended by OtakuNote87