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Evangelion is the main source of inspiration for Rahxephon, many consider it a clone. Evangelion tends to be more complex and intellectual, concentrating on philosophy and psychology while Rahxephon tends to be easier and not so intelligent concentrating on a love story with harem like influences.
report Recommended by Polaris
NGE created the genre, Rahxephon and Eureka7 are two original creations inside that format, both are great but I prefer the original
report Recommended by sarugaki
both have a very similar story lines and themes
report Recommended by Nerull
Both involve around a teenage boy trying to remember and forget the past at the same time. Everyone that the boy loves has either turned away or no longer able to be there for him. Full of action, A Mecha is what the boy uses in battle to combat with the organization he has joined. Which is use primarily for battle.
report Recommended by Ninja-Nomiki
The mechas are similar,but they are made of "Clay",the story is kinda oriented into the same genre,but Evangelion's story is deeper moved into the religious sector,while RahXephon's is oriented about time.
report Recommended by revenion
Using gamer terminology, these series have the same setting: huge anthropomorphic robots save the world (or try to destroy it, according to the point of view) with a little help of brave teenagers. The formula is completed by a mere alien per episode and a big boss in the end. As a set-off against Eva, RahXephon has a great love story. By all means, those who were excited about one series will enjoy watching the other.
report Recommended by Iahel
Rahxephon is basically neon genesis done correctly!! Where Eva failed Rahxephon succeeded.
report Recommended by kenpachi77
Both have giant mechas used by the main characters, and during various episodes like to play with your head some.
report Recommended by kevin_video
They're both intriguing psychological dramas amongst countless of other similarities.
report Recommended by anie
Both implement mecha robots as well as some form of religious belief to progress each respective plot. Also both have main characters with social problems. Need I say more???
report Recommended by nicaboy456
DUH? RahXephon is a direct copy of NGE but not as messed up. It is the NGE for amateurs and newbies to anime. But RahXephon has its own appeal b/c it is referenced in other shows such as Ouran High school host club. However, i have to say that i like RahXephon more b/c i can sleep at night after watching it and b/c of Quon and "Ra Ra what is it Ollin?" Who wouldn't fall in love with that?
report Recommended by acebutsr
Both are great mecha shows that deal with other underlying psychological/emotional themes, although NGE has a little more of the psychoanalytical "stuff". In the end, RahXephon is really more of a love story, but doesn't slack on the action or introspection. If you are an anime fan, you owe it to yourself to watch both of these shows, even if you don't like mecha.
report Recommended by strawberrysaber
RahXephon - although good - is more or less a rip off of Evangelion (and so is the Bible lol). It has so many subtle similarities in characters and story, but none the less it is still a good anime. Evagelion is one of the GREATEST animes and is amazing to watch and even more complex the RahXephon. If you enjoy philosophical thinking - both are good, but Eva is better.
report Recommended by DarkerThanDante
You can almost call this a copy of NGE, aside from the fact that Rah Xephon tends not to mess with your mind, is not as depressing. The Story is just as epic though, the trials are just as challenging and the story is detailed enough that you do need to follow the story to know whats going on.
report Recommended by Sidoen
They have a similar plot and episode scheme, but RahXephon incorporates music as its main theme. Even though it's a watered-down version of Evangelion, RahXephon is probably its best clone.
report Recommended by insoo
The similarities are endless and there is also definitely some major differences biggest one of which being that the main theme of RahXephon is music and its power to change the world (tune the world). I think of RahXephon as being very similar to NGE (at least there seems to be slightly more similarities than differences) with a much less emo male lead and a watchable ending (more than watchable actually, compared to NGE's completely unwatchable and horrific last two episodes). RahXephon is what Evangelion should have been like. NGE has a lot more fans than RahXephon, although i can't possibly comprehend why aside from the   read more
report Recommended by shinigamidono
They share a ridiculous number of specific and general similarities. Essentially, RahXephon is a much lighter and brighter version of Evangelion. Evangelion has significantly more psychological and philosophical elements than RahXephon, but RahXephon sounds and looks far better (also is less screwy, if you're not a fan of mind screw). Either way, if you like Evangelion, you'll definitely like RahXephon.
report Recommended by Mawootad
Neon Genesis has a very complicated and detailed plot, and many consider RahXephon to be a rip-off of it. However, I found that I enjoyed RahXephon much more than Evangelion. Both deal with Mechas, politics, religion, a boy struggling to come to terms with his life and what everyone expects of him. I just felt RahXephon was executed better.
report Recommended by FishPhoenix
They are pretty much the same anime. Difference? RahXephon is newer. RahXephon has a better main character. Evangelion has better supporting characters. You will not want to punch a baby in the face after watching the main character wimp out. (Evangelion)
report Recommended by lxtazl
The set-up of both are strikingly similar, so close that RahXephon can be called a rip-off, but it has a more easy to follow story and wraps up the show with one of the best ending episodes you will ever see.
report Recommended by ZakuHead
A case of the so-called imitation being a superior show to the original. EVA had some very bright spots, but it fizzled out near the end in horrible ways due to budget problems and Hideaki Anno rapidly spiraling back into depression. RahXephon, on the other hand, starts fairly strong and just keeps getting deeper and more entertaining all the way through. It's much more optimistic in tone, never stops the plot to lecture you about worldviews like EVA does, is slightly easier to understand, and features an incredibly likable lead protagonist as opposed to the complete blockhead featured in EVA. If   read more
report Recommended by SomeDeadGuy
While the similaraties between RahXephon and Evangelion are tremendously uncanny, RahXephon at least implements it's philosophic nature in the beginning unlike Evangelion which throws a curveball halfway through the series. Also, RahXephon keeps in check what's real and what's an illusion making the audience still in the loop of what exactly is going while still providing thought-provoking imagery. While I do wonder why Gainax never filed for lawsuit on the creators of RahXephon, it's not an exact clone of Evangelion and in some aspects is (DEBATABLY) superior. Also they're both dubbed by ADV.
report Recommended by Jetman2021
Both are intelligently written and character driven mecha anime series. RahXephon may look like an Eva clone, but it is not. RahXephon and Evangelion aim for different intentions in message. While Evangelion is more focused on how people can never truly understand each other and are hurt by each others' companionship and lack of understanding, even though we as humans strive towards obtaining both, RahXephon is about human spiritual transcendence of the soul (especially through the musical theme), the external tragedies that separate us from each other, and how we can work together to overcome it. So basically, RahXephon does not create Depression after   read more
report Recommended by Neane93
From the surface as well as in general, these two series shares quite a lot in common. They both deal with the aspect of mecha and science fiction warfare against forces of the unknown in a similar setting. There's the main male protagonist who has to make decisions even if he has to make them alone. They have intelligent stories for viewers more interested into fictional work beyond the typical mecha fights. They involve some exploration of relationships (although in essence, they're not entirely the same with different philosophies and concepts of their respective series) There is that air of mysterious atmosphere that invites questions to viewers as   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Considering that RahXephon is made a few years after Eva, it could be considered a rip-off of Evangelion, with similar mecha designs and plot device. Both anime contain mecha action sequences, and heavy focus on psychological, dimentia of the mecha pilots. The main differences are that rahXephon's MC is not a pussy, and RX focuses way more on romance.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Many will claim that Rahxephon is an imitation of Evangelion but this is not true, however both have various similarities that give me enough power to say that if you liked one you should like the other
report Recommended by Eastunder
Both start off following the monster of the week formula before switching to moving towards a character study route.Both series pull this off quite well in my opinion especially RahXephon.
report Recommended by MadanKenshin
RahXephon is basically NGE with a better story, art, cast, etc. The ending might not be great, but it's a lot better than NGE (and yes, better than EoE)
report Recommended by SpazyMgee
Both deal with mecha and have huge world scale of impact throughout the show. Rahxephon came out after Evangelion but the two are similar.
report Recommended by anonypc
Gives a very similar feel for most of the series.
report Recommended by Rs0123
Very similar to Rahxephon but has more stuff going on and you actually care about the charcters
report Recommended by Phosef
While many dismiss RahXephon as being an NGE clone at first glance, if you actually watch the show, you'll note that there's a lot of things in RahXephon that aren't in NGE (and vice-versa). Plus, before Gurren Lagann, RahXephon was the closest thing that the giant mech genre had to a second NGE. I do believe that NGE did need to happen in order for RahXephon to be created (at least in the form it's in), but there are enough differences between the 2 shows for me to say that RahXephon isn't an NGE clone/rip-off. It's best if you watch one after you complete   read more
report Recommended by RoarkTenjouin
An anime inspired on Neon Genesis Evangelion , but unlike it, way better explained, with new and fresh ideas but with the same seriousness, philosophical complexity, social intrigue and critic to politic and religious elements. Overall and in my opinion the ONLY anime able to surpass Evangelion.
report Recommended by TheCitizenErased
- Both has Unstable main character, giant robots operated by chosen people, strange creatures attack human kind. - Rahxephon, in terms of animation, music and most importantly the plot, is the closest anime series to Evangelion. - In fact, there are so many similarities that both series almost look like a copies of each other. - Both include a very nice style of animation for their time, an excellent plot and good music. - They both have huge mechas backed up by an excellent cast of characters and stunning artwork. - Rahxephon and Eva both maintain a similar plot and where one contains an overabundance of Juddaic   read more
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
A mech series relatively dark with a lot of psychological drama that would please any Evangelion fab enough. It's not as great but it's definitely the series that is the closest one when it comes to psychological drama.
report Recommended by christophe_kanaa
Some of the NGE staff went to make RX. RahXephon could be considered as a variation on NGE themes.
report Recommended by AntoninPoitou