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Evangelion and Nadia share the same director (Anno), character designer (Sadamoto), composer (Sagisu) AND animation studio (Gainax). As well as numerous other staff. So, expect MANY thematic and aesthetic similarities! Nadia's character was very much a prototype for Asuka: THE tsundere that made tsunderes both common and popular. Watching Nadia be naturally bitchy towards Jean and give him a hard time over very little instantly made me remember Asuka's "Anta Baka?" self. Both Shinji in Eva and Jean in Nadia are easily dominated by strong-willed female love interests (often in comical fashion), so the similarities between their relationships are obvious. I STRONGLY recommend Nadia to ANYONE interested   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
because they got the same Sadamoto-Anno team and there is a lot of Eva ideas inside
report Recommended by Feo
Many concepts that were used in "Nadia" would be recycled in "Evangelion", a darker and bleaker series, produced by the same team.
report Recommended by JTurner
They have a tsundere main character and a love interest to them. Though, everything that Evangelion did right, Nadia pretty much did wrong. Though, the two are quite dissimiliar as Nadia has a more Miyazaki feel to it.
report Recommended by Angry_Anime_Nerd
The same team worked with Hideaki Anno, so NGE and Nadia really have the same feel to it. Plus the bottom line is pretty much the same, a mix of fathomless lore, technology and how they interact with the human condition.
report Recommended by EratiK
Not only there were both made by Hideaki Anno (although Anno didn't involved with the infamous ''filler episodes'' of Nadia), but in both, Anno started to experimenting himself with the same themes and elements that he will use in his entire career!
report Recommended by giannis85