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Rosario to Vampire
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Rosario to Vampire
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There is one Guy Always Surrounded by Girls and They all In Love with him and want to be with him for ever! Both of Them Has SuperPowers. There Are many Challenging Events. I love Both of Them And I keep ReWatching Them Alot!
report Recommended by Nyashuki
Both anime have a similar storyline, its about a guy who one day comes in contact with the super natural and ends up falling in love with one of the other characters he meets and then he ends up making several women fall in love with. Both anime are romance-comedy and i highly recomend both
report Recommended by Mizore_Shirayuki
Both involve a weak human being protected by a harem of girls that love him who have supernatural powers defending him against others of they're kind.
report Recommended by darkspark
Both of them got a couple of girls atracted by a boy and fight each other to get him(I don't mean real fight to the death...using sex apeal or something like this).
report Recommended by Alucard41
Well, both series has a few similarities indeed. First, both series has a lots of girl. If you are a harem lover than this may fit your taste. Secondly, the main male protagonist in both series is some sort of a loser guy that has a lot of potential. Thirdly, both series has almost the same kind of enjoyment atmosphere (if you like this series).
report Recommended by PcGoD
Pretty similar, not exact. This was the second Anime that I watched after Rosario+Vampire;and I quite enjoyed it.
report Recommended by wez117
Both have supernatural females figring to protect main character. Both are ecchi. Rosario to Vampire is more mythological while Sekirei is more superpower.
report Recommended by abystoma2
I found out about Sekirei from watching Rosario and having it pop up in my "Like Rosario to Vampire" section. I did not personally like Sekirei, but this isnt a review, its a recommendation. This has planty of fan-service and harem just like Rosario. So if you want bewbs, explosions ans ultimately more bewbs, watch Sekirei
report Recommended by ssh4498
Both are about one guy multiple girls Both have a lot of fan service Both are cute, funny and awesome anime Both are about girls with superpowers and a normal human guy Both have a Loli Both are as memorable and truly enjoyable anime that you'll probably want to rematch over and over again
report Recommended by shirogasai12
Both harem shows are similar in nature with their characters, revolving around the easy going (although more serious in Rosario) MC and supernatural girls. Both shows also have relatively high amounts of unknowingly (i.e., girls aren't going kyaa all the time) fanservice in them
report Recommended by Short_Circut