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Bamboo Blade
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Bamboo Blade
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4 Girls. Joined in a same club member and try to protect it from being banned.
report Recommended by silentsc
Both are about school girls trying to do there best as a team. However, BB is more 'bout challenging and competing.
report Recommended by whiteless
Obviously both anime are all about clubs and the members' passion in their club. Both have comedy, though K-on! is funnier (i think). However, Bamboo Blade have some slice of seriousness at times. Both clubs in the anime had the time where they were about to split up (where members starts not to show up in the clubroom). Bithe moe animes ^^
report Recommended by CommanderOfDeath
Both series takes place in a school setting involving a club of students doing activities. The club is ultimately formed after getting enough members in both anime(s) and from there, the fun begins.

There's plenty of comedy, drama, and that slice-of-life feeling.

Both series also has characters of contrasting personalities ranging from shy, energetic, to fiercely competitive.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both are about young girls striving to suceed in the end and both are funny, charming and extremely touching also just too superkawaii.
report Recommended by Iwatobi-TMNT