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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
Similarities: >Protagonists are in their mid-late 30s. (Both of them are also named Satoru lol) Both are also virgins who never had a girlfriend. >They're both overpowered. >Both have extremely loyal subordinates. >Both of them build a country from scratch. >Both are good natured people but take extreme action when needed. >Both have the potential and ability to create a harem, but refrain from doing so for valid and personal reasons. >Both of them unknowingly/accidentally end up doing incredible things. Differences: >Overlord is more dark themed while TenSura is more light, with occasional dark theme spikes. >Rimuru prioritizes friendship and good ties more than overpowering new acquaintances. >Momonga is overpowered from the start and has no   read more
report Recommended by SpectraXCD
both have the main characters who both have great power (Overpowered)
report Recommended by Ryo-san
Both series feature mid-30's salarymen being reborn as an OP monster in a JRPG-based fantasy world. The MC is gifted with extraordinary skills right off the bat and wields god-like abilities (much to the dismay of the supporting cast). The MC gains a large, ever-increasing number of devout followers (harem time). It's also noteworthy that in both series the MC rules over a group of superior non-humans/monsters. Basically, this anime caters to your ultimate escapist fantasy/fetish/wet dream. And it's pretty dope.
report Recommended by Nisosin
MC super OP Reborn in a fantasy world Gathers (or has) loyal and powerful followers MC is generally a decent bloke No harem Overlord starts to get a bit more anti-hero later on.
report Recommended by ninj4
It is similar because in Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Rimuru built his own country like Overlord that Ains start to create his own kingdom.
report Recommended by LavalGaming
- Both very OP - Non-human - Both in their 30s - Loyal Followers Just watch it!
report Recommended by Muddyshoes
1.Overpowered main character. 2.Main character's intentions are often misunderstood by their subordinates and others making the main characters seem to possess very high intelligence even though that is not the case always. 3.Both of them are isekai anime.
report Recommended by Anime_lover987
same -exploring the new world they have to live in -loyal and likable subordinate -the main character are both OP -the skill each mc use are both very unique and creative -SASUGA (mc name) -the mc are both not human (in the new world) -the mc loves their subordinate -the OP and ED of both anime are top notch different -overlord at start ainz sama is already super OP while the mc from that time i was reincarnated as slime grow a little a little as the mc fights -overlord is more dark than that time i was reincarnated as slime -in overlord the story focus on alot of the character and sometimes doesnt have   read more
report Recommended by Theejaa
Both set in different worlds Both MC are OP Both MC learn their new world
report Recommended by XVinceTheNinja9X
Things in common:- 1. Both are Isekai 2. Both have overpowered characters 3. MCs of both anime have similar mindset 4. MC of both animes are non-human 5. They have similar aims. *Slime is just less vigorous overlord* If u liked Slime and want more bloodshed or vigorousness then go for overlord
report Recommended by AbhishekJha
both have hilarous character, but i more like tensei shitara slime datta ken, its more light story and good looking animation
report Recommended by WHATTHELAG23
If you like overlord i think you will like this. Its more about comedy and it looks solid after the first episode and it will go on for 24 episodes. Anyways i would recommend to watch one episode of it to see if you like it.
report Recommended by NothingHelps