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Somewhat similar animes with the main similarity being world development. If you are a fan of Overlord you will most likely be a fan of Slime. In both animes the main character is overpowered and that is used as a plot device for world building and domination. The main difference is that Overlord is somewhat more "grim".
report Recommended by SeekingWaylander
Similarities: >Protagonists are in their mid-late 30s. (Both of them are also named Satoru lol) Both are also virgins who never had a girlfriend. >They're both overpowered. >Both have extremely loyal subordinates. >Both of them build a country from scratch. >Both are good natured people but take extreme action when needed. >Both have the potential and ability to create a harem, but refrain from doing so for valid and personal reasons. >Both of them unknowingly/accidentally end up doing incredible things. Differences: >Overlord is more dark themed while TenSura is more light, with occasional dark theme spikes. >Rimuru prioritizes friendship and good ties more than overpowering new acquaintances. >Momonga is overpowered from the start and has no   read more
report Recommended by SpectraXCD
Both have very powerfull MC's, both MC's are empire builders.
report Recommended by theodoris
Both are about a very very very op main charater whose a monster that leads a county of monsters, both main characters were also adult humans before they got Reborn into this new world, the one different between two is Slime more nice and fun anime well overlord is more dark.
report Recommended by Jayage
Almost the same premise without the shitty secondary characters stories (lizard men arc) and without the horrible CGI that ruins the series
report Recommended by Mambluu
Both have overpowered main characters, challenges, and good writing! The excel in this genre of isekai and are actually original despite how repetetive one could think this genre is. In Overlord, the main character acts more like a villain, showing the perspective of a "bad guy". While in Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken, the main character is more of a good guy. Both anime has good characters and story. I don't know what to add if you like having overpowered mc and the isekai genre then just go ahead and watch everything :)
report Recommended by Fatalisme999
Both series feature mid-30's salarymen being reborn as an OP monster in a JRPG-based fantasy world. The MC is gifted with extraordinary skills right off the bat and wields god-like abilities (much to the dismay of the supporting cast). The MC gains a large, ever-increasing number of devout followers (harem time). It's also noteworthy that in both series the MC rules over a group of superior non-humans/monsters. Basically, this anime caters to your ultimate escapist fantasy/fetish/wet dream. And it's pretty dope.
report Recommended by Nisosin
Many people compare SAO to Overlord. But it's just wrong. Overlord, as well as Slime is a "macro" oriented MMO anime. That means, they both enter this world they aren't exactly sure of the rules they are under, but both are immenesly powerful. It's not really a problem for the viewer, because that's not really what the anime is all about. It's about how the entire world around them react to their power, and how they use what they have recieved. They both have this underlying shadow of mystery enemies that you have not met yet, that are possibly as strong as them. In similar manner, they   read more
report Recommended by Lightshadow86
MC super OP Reborn in a fantasy world Gathers (or has) loyal and powerful followers MC is generally a decent bloke No harem Overlord starts to get a bit more anti-hero later on.
report Recommended by ninj4
It is similar because in Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Rimuru built his own country like Overlord that Ains start to create his own kingdom.
report Recommended by LavalGaming
In Overlord you got more brutal attitude of overpowered protagonist to obeying all world to himself, and in "the slime anime" main character is a little bit mild to enemies. Both are worth watching, mainly because of this aspect. Enjoy!
report Recommended by CathVT
- Both very OP - Non-human - Both in their 30s - Loyal Followers Just watch it!
report Recommended by MyNameIsMichael
1.Overpowered main character. 2.Main character's intentions are often misunderstood by their subordinates and others making the main characters seem to possess very high intelligence even though that is not the case always. 3.Both of them are isekai anime.
report Recommended by Anime_lover987
- The main characters are both very powerful - They are leader of a group - The other characters are emotionally attached and adore the main character - They come from the real world, and they go in a fantasy world (Isekai) - Fantasy anime - They have a big impact on their universe
report Recommended by Arukami
same -exploring the new world they have to live in -loyal and likable subordinate -the main character are both OP -the skill each mc use are both very unique and creative -SASUGA (mc name) -the mc are both not human (in the new world) -the mc loves their subordinate -the OP and ED of both anime are top notch different -overlord at start ainz sama is already super OP while the mc from that time i was reincarnated as slime grow a little a little as the mc fights -overlord is more dark than that time i was reincarnated as slime -in overlord the story focus on alot of the character and sometimes doesnt have   read more
report Recommended by Theejaa
both anime figure 30s men that are isekai one through death and reincarnation and the other summoned or similar transported. both MC are non-human one is a slime the other an un-dead skeleton. Both MC find themselves leading other monsters and struggle as both where middle management. both have at least two of their female underlings competing to be the MC wife/lover the main difference between the anime is the tone Overlord is much darker and the MC could almost be seen as an anti-hero while Slime the MC does his best to make everything work out
report Recommended by Paladin23
Both Mcs are loner humans that get trapped in a fantasy world in an inhuman/monstrous body. And With their overpowered abilities they start their conquest of said Fantasy world.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Both are Isekai with an op mc set in a fantasy world
report Recommended by Twilight_Wolfe
Both have an OP MC who obliterates everything in his path (Isekai) with an entourage they build over time. Both have a fair share of comedy and light heartedness Both have aspects of world building and just like in Overlord, Rimuru wants to find out other people who have come to the new world like him. The only major difference is that Rimuru is the good guy in the anime whereas in Overlord we see the world through the eyes of the bad guy
report Recommended by MJROCKS05
Both set in different worlds Both MC are OP Both MC learn their new world
report Recommended by XVinceTheNinja9X
Overpowered main character from different world. Subordinates are loyal to him. Main character plans to build nation.
report Recommended by KAYODE_G
Things in common:- 1. Both are Isekai 2. Both have overpowered characters 3. MCs of both anime have similar mindset 4. MC of both animes are non-human 5. They have similar aims. *Slime is just less vigorous overlord* If u liked Slime and want more bloodshed or vigorousness then go for overlord
report Recommended by AbhishekJha
both have hilarous character, but i more like tensei shitara slime datta ken, its more light story and good looking animation
report Recommended by WHATTHELAG23
If you like overlord i think you will like this. Its more about comedy and it looks solid after the first episode and it will go on for 24 episodes. Anyways i would recommend to watch one episode of it to see if you like it.
report Recommended by NothingHelps
Same isekai feeling. Both characters are trying to establish a nation and they both have strong loyal servants
report Recommended by Afriyieau1
Two shows which approach the idea of an isekai character running a country from a different direction. Although both of these are comedies slime tends to be a lot more light-hearted. With overlord being much more certain about being a villain who aims to expand his borders.
report Recommended by Jepus26
"Tensei Slime is just Overlord on a Lawful Good playthrough." In both series, the main character is purposely made to be extremely overpowered, to the point of having little to nothing that poses an actual threat to them. As a result, the conflicts in both series have to come largely from something other than fight scenes, since we all know who will win the vast majority of the time; instead, both series focus on what one would do if they had that kind of power. Inevitably, that kind of combat power grants you political power, and both MC's become leaders of a group that follows them   read more
report Recommended by SheffiTB
-both isekai anime -both mc's are not the goody two shoes that we are used to they are evil but not horror level evil, as in not human but an undead/monster that people are afraid of. -Both mc's get surrounded by some interesting outspoken characters,that get attached to our mc's. -one difference is that in overlord the mc is a maxed out badass from the get go but keeps it lowkey, the slime 'farms' and gets quite stronger with each passing episode.thankfully the 'farming' is edited nicely to not become boring.
report Recommended by Kasamplanka
Isekai OP MC Worldbuilding Honesty two of the best anime I've watched
report Recommended by DoubleA1
Both MC are OP but overlord is dark themed and has a villainous protagonist while Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken is more heroic.
report Recommended by Anuk-sama
Both anime has the main character transferred to another world as a non-human creature, and become the ruler of a kingdom.
report Recommended by Dragonking94
If Rimuru is the paragon god like protagonist of the Isekai world. The Momonga/Ainz is the renegade
report Recommended by AlexAnime1988
Similarities: -They both have an overpowered MC -Both have city building elements -Both MC's came from 'our world' -Both have/acquire loyal servants Differences: -Overlord is more 'brutal', unlike Tensei which is silly -Ains/Momonga lost his human emotions and aims to benefit only Nazarick -Rimuru (MC of Tensei) has not lost his human emotions and wants only peace That being said if you don't mind these conditions I recommend you both of these shows from the bottom of my heart
report Recommended by Derppi
People do recommend Overlord with this one, but there aren't much similarities. Overlord has a great character and an amazing story. The character is not just OP, he is truly aware of his powers and is willing to use them properly, while "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" features, well, a slime. The start is very promising and shows a simple Japanese office clerk. I thought, as he is in his middle 30s, he would be a compelling protagonist for this anime. Alas, he truly embraces his "slimeliness" from the 1st episode and behaves in a childish friendly way throughout the story. While the   read more
report Recommended by Itio
Slime and Overlord are both Isekai anime, they both have short seasons (Slime Season two airing Winter 2021) The main characters Momonga (Overlord) and Rimuru Tempest (Slime) are both extremely overpowered and fun to watch.
report Recommended by DanGoFaster
while both anime have monsters as main characters they take a similar approach to this isekai patern while being overpowerd they tend to always be careful and have as a goal to dominate the world (overlord) or create their own country and have fun (slime isekai)
report Recommended by IMustBeNumb
Overpowered/Strong MC in both Both Isekai anime Both MCs do kinda the same things I really enjoy both and think that they are very similiar
report Recommended by StreamGurke
a well written isekai with a protagonist that has a goal and a vision for the world he was reborn in.
report Recommended by KarnGod
The mcs are pretty similar in power capacities, but slime dude's a bit more of a GOOD guy (a quality ainz is slowly losing)
report Recommended by josh_exe
Both have very distinct yet very similar plots. On both you have an op MC that has a harem for himself but is completely okay with that. You can also see the reality of monsters in fantasy worlds, which is the case of Rimuru and Ainz.
report Recommended by YukiMinoru7
Both stories star nonhuman isekai protagonists who are more powerful than most beings they encounter. These shows have great world-building, and large casts of quirky characters. A good distribution of comedy and drama elements keep these stories entertaining through and through.
report Recommended by Grantonator
They both are isekai's with the MC being,well ''Isekai-ed'' into a new world,into the run of the mil weak RPG monster bodies(being a isekai, they are far from weak). They both have pretty good to excellent world building. They also revolve around their follow monsters, over coming problems almost completely effort less and with both style and amusement. Btw, this is my first MAL recommendation,if i did a good job and you would like me to make more on a certain topic,genre, ect, please let me know.
report Recommended by Shadow5625
>Both main characters is op >Both Reborn in a fantasy world >MC of both animes are non-human
report Recommended by Ordulu5
This series has something in common where the two main characters are kings or leaders in their territories, both characters also have very strong and loyal subordinates.
report Recommended by hdxyt
Themes of conquering, world takeover, and colonizing
report Recommended by Alphatreyu
Both being Isekais. The main character in each of these Animes is set to create their "kingdoms" and to try and either make peace with the current civilizations or dominate them. Each of these characters is extremely powerful in the world that they are born in, with amazing powers and abilities allowing them to do extraordinary things.
report Recommended by Tofin
Both power fantasies, the only difference is that in overlord the mc starts being a bad guy right away, while slime has the mc be a good guy at the start
report Recommended by WeebBugs
bouth are isekai over powered main character who is from other world and is non-human with non-human army it's like taking over world and making it better place
report Recommended by DHRUVIK
Isekai (from a middle aged man) OP MC Building a small city Protecting natives in that area
report Recommended by Schlong01
If you're looking for animes with an overpowered protagonists who can even rule their world then these are right up your alley. There's a similar world building where they sometimes go to war with other nations which shouldn't even be called a war because they end up in a massacre by only the main protagonists. Animation is also astonishing so they are both worth watching. The story isn't bad either.
report Recommended by PR0TAKU
Both protagonists build their kingdom for their goal. Finding people from Japan
report Recommended by Crnbelko
Similar themes adapting a cheerful slime starting with nothing building a new life in a new world vs an evil empire with top tier allies, items and kingdom to a new world as an Isekai.
report Recommended by ColinV
MC tries to build a nation from nothing and both are primarily made of monsters I would say that overlord has better humor and story but doesnt have nearly as good power system both are in core similar but one is on good side and the other on bad.
report Recommended by Korbic
Both are Isekai, both have strong subordinates, both all subordinates consider him a great genius, both seek to build a peaceful country.
report Recommended by alirezasharifi
OVER-POWERED protagonists which are Demon lord's and have some trustanworthy servent's by their side . One is reincarnated as a slime and another one is locked inside a game which he used to play .
report Recommended by KioSensei
Both have op main characters who formed a nation and seeking knowledge Both have followers that consider the main character the most powerful Both have a game like world setting with magic and rpg elements Both can be ruthless and pure evil at times
report Recommended by zombiehorror37
Both have overpowered main characters that lead a group of strong subordinates and try to expand the influence of their kingdom. In Overlord the fantasy world is in a game and in the other it is just a fantasy isekai world so there are a lot of similarities between the two.
report Recommended by bhfine
both good isekai with op mc
report Recommended by Blach03
Both stories present the Main Character getting transported to a parallel world where they become overpowered rulers, with their territory and followers.
report Recommended by QustnTheQustn
Isekai Anime where they are reincarnated as Monster and are Demon Lords but it they ain't no Harem BS. Just some good old Demon Lord Shit.
report Recommended by TheKnight369
- very op main character - put into a different world - very loyal cast - video game like setting
report Recommended by Pawc
Both overlord and tensura slime have op main characters. There both have intricate world building and side characters are all equally built up along with the main characters
report Recommended by KellyDel_Greyrat
- main character is stucked in different (fantasy) world - exploring different world - building own empire - OP (and a little bit confused) main character - funny moments - main character gain more power and influence - various nonhuman races and characters
report Recommended by Siekreyion
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