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The first thing I thought when watching Overlord, it's very much like One Punch Man. Overlord and One Punch Man got similar style while having different setting. You can tell the anime would be similar as their openings are similar style music. The main characters Momonga/Ainz and Saitama are also extremely strong, but not OP lame, they're strong that you want to see them go in FOR THE KILL !!!!! Dependable heroes.
report Recommended by iamYuyaSakaki
Let's say the basis of comparison goes with overpowering, overwhelming main characters. That's it. Once their plot is stitched with the characterization nevermind if it's going to be complex or not, you're gonna simply sit back and say, 'hmmm...why not? Why could we not indulge to that?'
report Recommended by GiancarloLS
Both are similar in mc being too strong But both have different ways of telling their stories. Overlord is more story driven while one punch man is more on comedy The mc is serious in overlord while the mc is not in one punch man If someone prefer a story with strong and serious mc in a world that focus more on evil atmosphere and story. I would recommend Overlord.
report Recommended by ZackTyce
the two most OP main characters I've ever seen. they're unstoppable in their respective series. you can't help but laugh a little when Saitama/Ains decides "ok, that's enough" and finishes off the enemy, the way you or I would flick a booger the difference is that Overlord is more plot driven with a little bit of fanservice, where OPM is more about the comedy with a dash of manservice
report Recommended by Z4ST1N
Anyone can take 5 Minutes from both and tell that they both are pretty same. Over powered MCs and fine comedy just shows how much of a fun they both be to watch.
report Recommended by YeAhx
One Punch Man: Saitama = OP mc, dominates everything while also tying in some conflict and storyline Overlord: Follows a similar "SAO" VR-reality entrapment theme, but looks at the situation in a MUCH MORE different way. MC was the #1 before AND after he was trapped in the game -- basically OP as hell. He seeks to thus dominate the whole world and spread his legend: literally "playing" god. Similar to One Punch Man, it's super "fresh" and more original with its "screw character adversity growth" kinda theme and gives a totally powerhouse outlook. However, it also does have its more serious and less jokingly moments: (not completely broken +   read more
report Recommended by kevin9ye
If you liked Overlord but thought the main character should be a little more powerful, then One Punch Man has a similar vibe (so far; only 1 episode of OPM is out right now)
report Recommended by FleurDeMur
Both of these are fairly new animes whose main protagonist is super overpowered. They both have similar issues revolving around the hero recieving the respect and fame they deserve. Although the style of the two are different, the plot contains plenty of similarities.
report Recommended by Jade_Hawk
Both animes have overpowered mc Both animes are very funny In both animes the mc is alot of the time under estimated
report Recommended by TrueShyGuy
Overlord is similar to one punch man, because the fact that the main character from both shows, have the same "too strong" feeling. So if you like over-powered character i suggest that you watch overlord
report Recommended by Diana_Chan_3
If you're looking for Strong/OP/Badass male lead with high level of monster fatality then this fits the category. Both male lead are so extremely strong that they can do anything they want on their enemies. Both contains comedy but Overlord lacks a a bit of this Both have nakama/subordinate who are also strong and OP Both anime is searching for something: Overlord is searching for his allies and way out of the game while OPM is searching for someone who can match his overwhelming power. All in All Both are Awesome anime to watch
report Recommended by xspectrex
Overlord and One punch man, The main character is like a god in both universes, While overlord's MC is more towards magical strong, One punch man instead move towards strength, If you like One punch man, then i guarantee that you'll like Overlord, the story unfolds almost unexpectedly. I highly advice that you watch it.
report Recommended by Jack_Danger
I personally love anime in which the protagonist comes off as god like or unbeatable. This anime is no different from those.
report Recommended by Mickloe
They OP but Overlord are with magic and protagonist transported to game he's playing, They are really strong but One Punch Man are more humor though, They are very similiar you should watch both of them.
report Recommended by Aghits_Assiddiq
The Main Chars are very overpowered, the difference is Ainz/Momonga has to be tactical sometime, Saitama can go fight straigt forward the deadpan humour have both series in common
report Recommended by gremlyn
Overpowered main characters in a cool way!
report Recommended by DrDestini
First think that came to my mind is that its like One Punch Man but with little bit deeper story behind it. He is overpowered and what makes it slightly better than One Punch Man is that people knows and aware of his powers unlike One Punch Man.
report Recommended by MrNtlu