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Both animes are in a fantasy setting and dedicates it's time on growth of politics and power through manipulative means. You will not expect much action from neither of these titles, as the engaging dialogues will make up for the 'action'. The action is there, but it isn't dragged out more than necessary. You can also expect military and war will also involved in both these shows.
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Both have a cunning adult male lead who tries to gain an advantage in his world via plotting, psychology, and alliances (rather than with physical force or fighting). The series are leisurely-paced, and set in pseudo-medieval worlds.
report Recommended by TheCoolAlchemist
Log Horizon is a 50/50 cross between Spice and Wolf and Sword Art Online. You've got the MMO world of SAO replacing the combat-heavy story with the scheme-heavy story of SaW. It's a great mix.
report Recommended by Athenry
Log Horizon and Ookami to Koushinryou are anime series that takes place in a fantasy world. In their worlds, there are mystical creatures and supernatural phenomenons. Surprisingly enough, both series explores the dynamics of politics/economics as one of its themes. Both series possesses great humor with its dialogues, character interactions, and mechanics that are explained thoroughly as their stories progresses. The main male protagonists are also wise and forms an interesting relationship with the female protagonist. There is also a sense of adventure as both series conveys its fantasy theme at their finest.
report Recommended by Stark700
The first thing to run through one's mind after hearing Log Horizon's setting is " real people stuck inside the virtual reality of an MMORPG", is SAO clone. Contrary to this and for the joy of all people out there, this couldn't be further from the truth. The anime which Log Horizon shares the greatest resemblance to is actually Spice and Wolf. The medieval/fantasy world and the emphasis placed on economics/ politics mirror each other in these anime. If you're looking for nonstop actions then neither Log Horizon or Spice and Wolf are for you, but if you enjoy an intellectual trip through a fantastical medieval   read more
report Recommended by aLooser
Both Spice and Wolf and Log Horizon are anime for people who are willing to patiently listen. There isn't a whole lot of action in either and the most important thing in both is the dialogue. If you liked some of the politics and Shiroe's dialogue in Log Horizon, then you'll definitely like the dialogue and topics addressed in Spice and Wolf. If you want more simple things, like a virtual world with video game like qualities, then I wouldn't recommend Spice and Wolf, since it's far from that. To be honest, Log Horizon is more similar to Spice and Wolf than it is to   read more
report Recommended by sykodelic-ninja
Both anime have a lot of negotiations, people talking and trying to outsmart their adversaries in a medieval fantasy setting.
report Recommended by drokstar
Fantasy settings, with plots involved in economic strategy, based in a light novel series.
report Recommended by ObscureObsidian
Both anime have amazing world building. Spice & Wolf does this for a world very similar to our own back in medieval days but some fantastical creatures. Log Horizon Creates a very believable world using an MMO, and since the author was a avid MMO player himself, it is a world that actually feels like an MMO.
report Recommended by AntonRuscov
Both have this more medieval / Fantasy like setting but not with the typical focus upon heroes and fights, but Economy and Politics instead. Both intrigue by the way the characters tackle problems and solve them by using their brains instead their brawns
report Recommended by Worldbuildingfan