Minami-ke, Working!! Recommendations

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Both slice of life anime with similar humour and pace. If you like one i suppose you would like the other
report Recommended by edwarx
Atmosphere. Character design. Comedy. Light-heartedness. Characters with strange and interesting personalities. That's all I can really say.
report Recommended by Deep
They are both slice-of-lice anime. Characters in both anime are such a "character," and you can predict how they will interact in certain situations. Both anime have relaxing atmosphere.
report Recommended by porsche
Same art style, animation. Random personalities and lighthearted comedy. when i watched very first episode its remind me Minami-ke. both are very good series.
report Recommended by DxC3i
Both anime series have an element of comedy and randomness in the episodes, following the daily lives of the characters and their relationships with each other. Both have a similar pacing: comfortable, without any fast pacing. Minami-ke basically focuses on the three sisters while Working!! on the part time workers at Waqnaria. In both all the characters have varied personalities with defining features. The visuals are also similar with both having bright colours. If you like one then it is highly probably you'll like the other as well.
report Recommended by Haras
very funny, revolves around several main characters and doesn't really follow a set storyline
report Recommended by mrcheeze