KimiKiss Pure Rouge, Hatsukoi Limited. Recommendations

KimiKiss Pure Rouge
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KimiKiss Pure Rouge
Hatsukoi Limited.
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Hatsukoi Limited.
The atmosphere and the school setting is similar. Both are romance as well.
report Recommended by Vizard
Both animes follow relationships that progress through the story. Both animes are produced by J.C. Staff, and both have the same artist(Marble) do the OP/ED. Marble did the Kimikiss OP and Hatsukoi Limited ED.
report Recommended by RenaSaga
They are both same genre and same setting at school. Also, the character design is basically identical.
report Recommended by another_anon
Well, their both about girls finding their first love and stuff. And JCStaff produced Kimikiss and Hatsukoi, so they both have similar animation styles.
report Recommended by shuffleair
Both series are easy-going slice-of-life stories that take place in school. Lots of love triangles, pentagons and such and the art style is pretty well identical.
report Recommended by shinigamidono
Both of them are about first love, with several interlaced love stories. The expression 'uncontrollable feelings' is very important in both of them, it is like the summary of the complete series. Main characters are high-school girls in both animes. Differences: - Hatsukoi is much more echhi, KimiKiss is mainly romantic - Hatsukoi is more comedy
report Recommended by naceale