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Myself; Yourself
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Myself; Yourself
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H2O: Footprints in the Sand
Both are anime that seem to be nice and charming but have a awful twist!
report Recommended by Katbot
Both are as thin on plot and high on melodrama, so if you liked one, chances are you'll like the other.
report Recommended by hearmescream
Both animes have a simular feel to it. As soon as I started watching Myself; Yourself it reminded me of H2O. They both have a quite simular storyline, though it's still different enough to make it original. If you liked one, you'll probably like the other one as well!
report Recommended by annabloem
Both have around 13 episodes! lol kidding. Both have touchy romance, they don't have stupid ecchi and they're bound to leave a long-lasting impression on your mind with the good looking characters, friendship, the love and the soundtracks. If you're a fan of teh romance genre, this one's a must-watch for you.
report Recommended by Necray
I think that "Myself: Yourself" is quite similar to "H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~". Both start with guy coming to town and meeting the girls. Also in the beginning we see ecchi on both anime. Hayami ("H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~") and Nanaka ("Myself: Yourself") have similar characters and changes their personalities because of fire. Voice actress of Nanaka also voiced Takuma ("H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~"). Both Sana ("Myself: Yourself") and Takuma have sad past before coming to the town. But in my opinion "Myself: Yourself" is a little darker than "H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~", but both turn really depressing towards the   read more
report Recommended by PerlaNemesis
both anime have alot of drama and are very sad.
report Recommended by ArtemisMeiko
These are similar because they make you think, they provoke you and try to relate to you. It's very touching so I suggest them to you.
report Recommended by Kami_no_Tou
The female leads in the stories seem to be in a very similar state of mind when meeting the male leads. These two stories in particular are as if they are shoes of the same pair.
report Recommended by charmischarming
Both start out as your normal mediocre harem anime for a good amount of it... But then, in the last five episodes, all of the sudden everything gets really dark and twisted, with pasts revealed and several plot twists! No more harem fluff, just drama! However, they both have good ends though (well, barely in H2O). Oh, and the main female lead is tsundere! And has a dark past! The male lead also has a dark past in there somewhere too!
report Recommended by Fujaku