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In both series, there's a very competitive atmosphere among teams involving basketball. They take place at a school life setting and many of the players in the series makes their own spotlights. Both series features comedy, drama, and some strategies among team mates to achieve success. The teams follow their dreams as well and hope to make them come true. Both series' coaches also have similar personalities of being strict but also caring towards her teammates.
report Recommended by Stark700
It's basketball anime too. And its pretty interesting
report Recommended by dreigons
Stating the obvious first, both are about basketball. In this regard both deal with the theme of basketball played for fun opposed to the sole purpose of basketball being to win. Aikawa (of Dear Boys) and Kuroko (of KnB) are both characters that come from a school renowned for its basketball team and both essentially "abandon" their old teams to start anew in order to play competitive basketball which is also fun. Ignoring the stark personality differences between Aikawa and Kuroko, they're in similar positions that make them the same. They both are well respected by their former teammates and considered something similar to childhood   read more
report Recommended by niishia
They're both about ball Both series has a Main Character that was in the best team in HS Ball but play in a different teams from their teammates Both play games and "does something in the end" Both are both sports anime, so they go play, camp, and all that :P But unlike Kuroko no Basket, Dear Boys isn't going to have a 2nd Season
report Recommended by JFizzy
- Both are basketball.. KnB is more about "Super-powers" though - Teams strive to win - Teams strive to improve - Likeable OST's
report Recommended by Reijo
If you're looking for a sports anime with awesome moves and extraordinary shots then this will fit your criteria. Both animes are all about basketball. Both contains awesome moves however dear boys is more oriented in a realistic way while kuroko is unattainable. Both have comedy while dear boys has a little bit of romance in it While kuroko contains the generation 6, dear boys contain the only "5 man team" with no subs all the way to the finals All in All this is a great anime to watch especially if you're a fan of basketball or any kind of sports
report Recommended by xspectrex
- It's both about basketball - It tells you to have fun while playing - They all have the determination to win - Its just very enjoyable
report Recommended by DutchAnimeGirl
- Both center around a player with a famous background in Basketball (Albeit in Kuroko's case his isn't known, it's more a myth) - High School Basketball - The team are motivated by the arrival of the newest player(s) - Teamwork ^^ (slowly forming)
report Recommended by Ava_Penguin