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Koe no Katachi
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Josee to Tora to Sakana-tachi
• Center around the insight into disabilities. • Similar personalities with main characters and side characters. • Similar pacing, environments and soundtracks. • Same sort of aesthetic features in the animation.
report Recommended by DBX
- Both have stunning visuals - Heroine has some sort of disability - Happy ending, but got dark or sad at times - Emotional Romance - Both hit you hard (heart)
report Recommended by xx_ibrahimd_xx
-Both FMC are disabled -Josee to Tora to Sakana-tachi focuses more on romance -Silent voice on the other hand focuses more on redemption and self-acceptance In short both story are similiar.
report Recommended by Zerem
These movies involve romance and drama, and make focus on disabilities. Also, they have an amazing animation and ost. I highly recommend both of them.
report Recommended by Elzombi47
Both heroines are difable, thus give us an insight abt how this world still look down upon a difable people
report Recommended by William03
The influence one of the movies had on the other one can be clearly seen. There are quite a few elements that were similar in the story. Great and enjoyable characters. Other than that, Beautiful visuals and animation. Sound design and OST were other things that were beautiful in both of the movies. If you like one of the movies, you should highly check the other one out.
report Recommended by Pre_Yum
Although "A Silent Voice" is a lot heavier to the heart in contrast to "Josee," the two can still be considered as similar since both have a premise of a guy falling in love with a disabled girl. Other than that, the two are also accompanied by a phenomenal soundtrack and astonishing graphics and animation. If you've already watched "A Silent Voice" and liked it, then I am positive that you'll also like "Josee."
report Recommended by Solaris-----
Both movies have a heroine with a disability. Both are also great movies*(imo)* While both offer romance, silent voice is more focused on redemption and self-acceptance while josee offers more romance.
report Recommended by xxkinglee
They are both a drama/romance about a person with a disability and they are both quite sad.
report Recommended by Sonnyman45
Both romance with disabled females. Josee focuses more on the romance while the other is more on bullying.
report Recommended by Cheggsack
Both are coming up age romance anime movie consists of relatable and well written characters , beautiful and emotional storytelling with bitter sweet ending
report Recommended by ZXEAN
Both anime are good but Josee movie has a romance scene Both anime have a good character development Have similar vibes and plot
report Recommended by KoitoSuki
talk about the most same point = Heroine with physical disability (no Offense!) bring slice of life feels, this bold anime have much great story who telling how precious your life.
report Recommended by Mark_016
The FMC in both movie's are disabled and it shows how the world looks down upon those who are physically disabled
report Recommended by -_-KIM-_-
similar in disable and romance
report Recommended by Fuka0
These movies are beautiful and similar in there own ways. The story's are enjoyable, emotional with great characters and amazing plot.
report Recommended by Aoi_UwU
For some reason, Josee the tiger and the fish is similar to A silent voice, in that the protagonist is a disable girl with difference character and story time plot too. after watching Josee, the tiger and the fish, it reminded me of the ending of A silent voice. Both of the movies ending were same good in romance and have best slice of life stories. A silent voice significantly develop the romance plot after Ishida rescuing nishimiya and romance plot at Josee grow when tsuneo safes her from an accident too.
report Recommended by NiiAsobo