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Koe no Katachi
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Violet Evergarden
Very beautiful, personal stories of growth, self-discovery, and overcoming your past trauma. Top quality animation and art, fantastic directing, excellent soundtracks. These are two of the most personal feeling anime I have ever watched. Lots of great emotion and drama. If you want something to break and then fix your heart, these two are some of the best. Bring tissues.
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Same studio animated it. So the art style animation and music is similarly beautiful. Both of them are tear jerkers. Both of them deals with characters struggling with the world and getting over their past.
report Recommended by RayRaivern
Both utilise disability as an inhibitor of mental health and the understanding of feelings They explore the meaning of living, both physically and mentally, and highlight the importance of friendships and connections. Although they are set in completely different times, they centralise on the development of human emotion and understanding of circumstance, the effect of history and righting the past.
report Recommended by UnjustifiedYeti
-Beautiful art -Beautiful music -Both are full of emotions -Similar storytelling
report Recommended by Rentaro-senpai
Shows a very sad story of heartbroken girls and how they try to change for the better both make you want to cry at the end
report Recommended by ImReallyNotChris
Similarities: -Beautiful art style -Simple and concise plot -Excellent character design -Fluid animation -a Slice of Life -Great pacing Overall, both programs are extremely well rounded and can be watched by anyone who genuinely enjoys the art, animation, pacing, plot, and characters portrayed in anime. However, these two anime can be emotionally exhausting and really provokes empathy towards the viewer for the characters. I wouldn't be surprised if you cried while watching to either one of these anime (Watch episode 10 of Violet Evergarden and see). I highly recommend these two programs to any avid anime watcher and I assure you that these are definitely worth your investment in time to watch.   read more
report Recommended by kyleishere
Beautiful artwork, beautiful music, character-driven stories. Will make you cry at least once through the runtime.
report Recommended by wotakui
Koe no Katachi is a beautiful piece of art. That's just a basic irrefutable fact. The thing is though, art is something that is continually refined and evolves to become even better over time. Violet Evergarden is a prime example of this. Violet Evergarden has the perfect balance of a great, simple, story and also being visually appealing. By far, Violet Evergarden has the best animation I have ever seen. Both of these shows have great stories, and they tie it all together through the use of art to create a masterpiece.
report Recommended by Shiekai
- Maded by same Studio - Character development of the MC is the main plot, absolutely against their past and turn over a new leaf - Presentable story progress with empathic drama that made my tears flowed out
report Recommended by ThinkingBread72
-100% will make you cry -great animation -aesthetic
report Recommended by notalyssa
They both are beautiful animes and are both emotional, I would recommend watching these with tissues and snacks.
report Recommended by LeaOutLoud
okay so since a bunch of people of people have already made this recommendation, i doubt too many people will get around to reading this but oh well. to be completely honest, the stories don't have much in common other than trying to make the audience cry (which isn't really a bad thing). however, the reason i think of one of these anime when the other is mentioned is THE ART!!! the art is exactly the same!! the same style of drawing face shapes and movements, and most of all the closeups!! since i know many people (including myself) watched violet evergarden because of the strikingly   read more
report Recommended by ray1627
They are both quite and emotional
report Recommended by mangoa_zero