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Both protagonists are reserved, professional, and almost ethereal beings who eventually learn how to empathize with human emotion properly. You won't get the same soft slice-of-life feel with Death Parade, as it is fantasy/horror/comedy, but you'll get the same satisfaction out of the character depth and story flow.
report Recommended by Sorelliena
Both animes are episodic with stories of the life and dependencies of diverse people and throughout this the protagonist is discovering its own feelings.
report Recommended by Hanout
While very different in theme they have a similar way of telling their story and evoking emotions in the viewer. My initial impression of Death Parade was "Violet Evergarden but edgy". Both amazing anime with amazing, engaging characters that are definitely worth your time!
report Recommended by Mockbe
It touches on some similar themes and is equally gonna make you cry your eyes out, so if you loved Death Parade as I did, watch Violet Evergarden!
report Recommended by Bond16
Where Death Parade discusses the theme of "action speak louder than words", Violet Evergarden discusses the contrary belief of "words can carry more weight than actions". Both have an episodic, anthological structure, following the story of a set of characters who encounter different types of people through their jobs, learning what it really means to have emotions in the process.
report Recommended by VolatileSmile
Cold. Rather than similar plots, the similar characters Decim and Violet both share the same attitudes towards their job of being straightforward, with a cold remark towards the people they serve. Through time, however, with the many encounters, they come across, they begin to understand human emotions they are devoid of. Both are good anime with Violet Evergarden being a heartwarming s.o.l, DP being a more pitiful game psychological anime
report Recommended by NextUniverse
The "Death Parade"'s pluses and minuses remind me of "Violet Evergarden" a lot. Both are episodic, beautiful, both are slow and pompous and without an actually good smart essence behind the words. They both try to bring good morale at least. I recommend "Violet Evergarden" to those who liked "Death Parade" (and vise versa) and I discourage the watch to those who didn't (I rate both at 5)
report Recommended by Leenbow
I know that the primary genres of these two animes are different, but I found them quite similar in some aspects and I believe if you like one of them, you'll find the other enjoyable too. The main characters are quite similar as they aren't quite good at human emotions, and throughout the journey of the anime, the growth within them is shown. Now, both of the animes progresses as distinct subplots in each episode, and hence brings out that nice Slice of Life aspect from the show, which I personally find very appealing. In both of the animes, the episodes close to the ending are more revolving   read more
report Recommended by kdjonty31
Aside from stunning visuals, both protagonists have a lot in common and share qualities; both are professional in anything they do. Through their jobs, in both anime, they try to empathize with humans properly and understand human feelings. Violet Evergarden and Death Parade present the protagonist’s story of life in similar ways, and both anime can easily move their audience. In contrast, while Violet Evergarden focuses on the “weight of words,” Death Parade fixates on how “actions are louder than words.” Death Parade may also be more psychological oriented and Violet Evergaden is primarily a drama, however, both have fantasy aspects as well.
report Recommended by arispade
both main character (violet form violet evergarden and decom from this sires you just watched) are trying to understand human emoitions and the sires show how they devalop that sort of thing the only diffrence between violet and decom is that decom isn't human but violet is and violet evergarden goes on a deeper level of meaningfullness and show more hardships and character devlopment or at least that's what i think but anyways through out watching this sires i kept remembering violet evergarden so yeah you should give it a shot :)
report Recommended by hagar_da_weeb