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There is stakes competition against school establishments in both, complete with over the top character reactions that make both very enjoyable.
report Recommended by MisterTrantastic
Similar setting and style. Just that the main themes (gambling vs cooking) are different.
report Recommended by Boiceinpink
Shokugeki has practically the same concept but instead of gambling they cook, you would get exaggerated reactions from everybody, and also similar art style.
report Recommended by gerardo19908
Main character transfers into an particular school, where social status is determined by something unusual. Gambling for Kakegurui, cooking for Shokugeki no Souma.
report Recommended by Piromysl
The obvious comparison is the fact that there is an orgasm almost every episode over something people normally don't have orgasms to. one more thing that's similar are the mind games, not sure if i'm remembering right but most of the time you never hear what Souma or Yumeko are thinking, instead it's the tag along (Tadokoro & Suzui) that have a game going through their head and going into a panic over what is gonna happen and how Souma/Yumeko is gonna win this. you also see the thoughts going through their over confident opponent and how they go into total madness when they realize that they   read more
report Recommended by VanVeleca
Think of Kakegurui as a discount Food Wars with no plot and more battles. Also, most of Kakegurui's cast are psychopaths. If you want more Shokungekis, try out Kakegurui
report Recommended by RunningShirtGuy
Honestly it's almost weird how much this 2 are similar, A School where basicaly only 1 thing matters (Cooking/Gambling) where a Newcommer starts to challenge everyone and make waves on the school, there's also the Council of Students that are the best and most powerful and basically dominate the school
report Recommended by RafaKiyoura
Similar sort of style, its just instead of gambling it is cooking
report Recommended by EroEcchiNigga
Both have consequences if you lose the match. The matches are intense and entertaining to watch. The MCs are identical because they want to test their knowledge.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
These two were identical in some ways: - Main character climbs the rank by challenging those on the top and both mc seems op/creative in their own way. - FOODGASM AND GAMBLEGASM
report Recommended by Deibureika
Share the same setup, the transfer student challenging the school in a over the top themed battle. It is enjoyable to watch the though process and revelations that ocurs in each duel. Both MCs are likeable as well. And one more thing they have in common is the fan service. I feel is not out of place is this kind of shows, if it didn´t bother in one series it shouldn´t bother in the other.
report Recommended by andrewgon
Food Wars has a lot in common with Kakegurui. Yumeko and Soma both acquire pleasure from their vices and are trying to release as much pleasure from them as possible. There is also the explanation that comes after every gamble and every food. Also isn’t the Student Council insanely overpowered just like the Elite 10?
report Recommended by JjOoAa
They are very similar. Food wars is kakegurui but with food instead of gambling. Also, both of the main characters are very good at what they do.
report Recommended by ouzz