Hellsing, Black Blood Brothers Recommendations

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Black Blood Brothers
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Black Blood Brothers
It has vampires and both the main character and Alucard look strangely alike. Black Blood, however, is more concerned with the nature of vampires, although it also has its share of awesome fight scenes. WATCH IT!
report Recommended by the_seventh_l
Though both are on vampires, the plot on Hellsing with its dark twists, draws you deeper into the suspenseful realm of vampirism.
report Recommended by dexturo
Both series primarily feature vampires and Jirou's design is somewhat of a ripoff of Alucard's design in Hellsing. The difference between the two is that Black Blood Brothers focuses much more on the nature of vampires, but I found that the plot within Hellsing and the general action scenes of the series to be much more intriguing then that of Black Blood Brothers. In other words, if you like Black Blood Brothers you may like Hellsing a lot more.
report Recommended by DrewTheDude
It is quite possible, Black Blood Brother's took some bit of insperiation from Hellsing... or not. Both stories are about vampires, but they seperate the vampires into two classes, those in control of their blood lust, and who happen to live lives with humans, and those who happen to be zombie like, no control over their hunger, having become, unlike the others, like a viral infection.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Vampires hunting lowlife vampires with government aid.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
Both series' main protagonists are vampire hunters despite being part of the race itself. The weapon of choice they use are also guns and they also dress similarly. (in red that is) Both series contain a dark story that's mixed in with action and drama.
report Recommended by Stark700