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Both of these Anime have fighting scenes, sword play and monsters that need to be taken care of. There is also the theme of hell, less played up in Bleach. One of the major themes is protecting others, and another is being accepted for who you are.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The main boy characters started fighting when they were 15yrs old, both weild a sword and have to train to use their powers, both boys have friends with their own special abilities and have one friend that was afraid of them at first but got used to them, both boys want to get stronger to protect people although in Ao no Exorcist, Rin wants to get revenge on a powerful demon too....both Rin (Ao no exorcist) and Ichigo (Bleach) have the same personalities. Both Series have an adult man that knows something in each episode that the boys go to for advice and training,   read more
report Recommended by KatieMH
Ao no Exorcist and Bleach are action series in which both main protagonists are thrust into supernatural worlds where they both gain powers that they never thought they'd acquire to defend the world from demons or hollows that normal people can't see. And ultimately, both of them struggle with their identities because of how these powers change them. Both series feature a lot of swordplay and plenty of unique and cool characters so you're bound to relate to at least one of them in some way. It's safe to say that, if you enjoyed watching Ao no Exorcist, you will most likely enjoy Bleach, and   read more
report Recommended by FireHeart
Main protagonist is mostly brawn and no brains, but they have friends that always have their back. There is a focus on swordplay, demons (that can't be seen by normal people), and friendship.
report Recommended by lavender_cello
Both are to do with otherworldly beings for example; the shinigami and the hollows in bleach and the demons within Ao No Exorcist. Whilst the plots are quite different, they are both great animes (if you exclude bleach's filler). I highly recommend both anime.
report Recommended by Cernalpxnai
Ao No Exorcist is really similar to Bleach storywise. It also meddles in the affairs of ghosts and souls, and the main character in Ao No Exorcist is as aggressive, emotional and dedicated as Ichigo! Ofcourse this comes with several less honourable traits that every main character has. Swordplay and Kendo play a big role in the action and combat of this anime, and the action is very fast-paced. There is good character progression like in Bleach. The diffrence in storyline and perspective is the fact that this anime fully focusses on the main character, whereas in Bleach there are several episodes and storylines dedicated to   read more
report Recommended by AquilaMan
It's like Bleach in both story and action. It may have less action, but it at least has some of it and, like Bleach, the plot isn't too good or complicated.
report Recommended by RamDabul
Both main characters in anime series acquire hardly controllable supernatural powers, wield swords, kill demons for the ultimate purpose. In Ao no exorcist Rin have to save the world and his brother from destruction of demon lord (his father). In Bleach Kurosaki have to fight with all kinds of hollows becouse they are bad guys :D So yeah these anime are qute similar, but there is 2 main differences: 1) Bleach is way way longer than Blue exorcist 2) Bleach has more story into it and is better :p In summary start watchting if you still haven't :)
report Recommended by Catchthefox