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spirit detective.. supernatural stuff and offcorse monsters and demons that is not possible to see by us. so yeah both show have them in common not to forget comedy, and other stuff
report Recommended by banglaCM
If you like HOnorabl Bad Ass Heroes, good morals, and ghosts and demons. This is the stuff.
report Recommended by taceyoto
Bleach has so much in common with YYH that it almosts seem a rewrite. Both features a regular human whose lives change after a contact with shinigamis (death gods) and go thru spirit related missions in the human world. The protagonists have a great gift for spiritual power and almost infinite potential (altough this is common in shonen), travel to other realms... and similarities go even beyond the protagonists (Ririn/Claude/Nova — Kaito/Kido/Yanagizawa someone?).
report Recommended by RodIshiCi
If you stick a red-hair wig on Yusuke Urameshi (the main character) you'll have Ichigo from the 90's. Both have tough, bad boy exterior that they portray at school. Also like Ichigo, Yusuke get paranormal abilities and somehow gets involved of a alternate world to help save this world from the probable evil with the help of their friends sharing unique paranormal abilities that fit their talents. And as a sidenote, there is shinigamis in both series.
report Recommended by alugirl613
Similar stories with much action and adventure about shinigamis and the spiritual world.
report Recommended by jackdevils
They both involve ghosts and are heavily fight oriented, but the themes are somewhat different. There is your average damsel in distress and female fighters, and there is more than enough action to go around for both series.
report Recommended by Damaru
What is the after like like? Both of these series explore what the afterlife is like, yet have different takes despite both drawing from the Japanese culture around them regarding spirits. Plus, there are a lot of action sequences in both series.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The plots themselves are similar (Yusuke is a spirit detective and deals with intersections btwn the demon world and the real one; Ichigo is a shinigami and deals with hollow incursions into the real world), the development of the main characters is almost identical (normal delinquent to super powered fighter of justice), the main character goes on to gather a core group of friend who fight alongside him, he has a very powerful mentor who stays shrouded in mystery for large parts of the series... I could go on, but it seems excessive. These shows are terribly similar, yet are both really great shows to   read more
report Recommended by daemonblade1229
Both series involve a great deal of after-life stuff and in addition to both beeing great shounen, imo you can easily tell Bleach has been influensed by this anime.
report Recommended by Stroeum
Both shows have delinquent teens for protagonists. Delinquent teens are charged with protecting the world from supernatural beasts. Delinquent teens both have female sidekick from supernatural world and along with lots of brawling school buddies. Delinquent teens both have cool, supernatural toys with which to fight the supernatural beasts.
report Recommended by BarnacleBlister
Ichigo and his gang of friends fight other people with powers. both anime started out with the main character not having any powers and then their journey begins
report Recommended by Yamato-Takeru
In a way when you watch both of these anime, you can't help but wonder if they were wrote by the same person..they both start out with a boy that sucks at first and through a series of events gains power. As the series progresses they both get stronger for there own reasons and through determination. Though both came out years apart you can't help but feel the connection between the too. There are also some differences between the two like the art work and music but watching these action packed anime with long fights and bad ass attitudes will surely keep you entertained.
report Recommended by yusuke116
Bleach and Yuu Yuu Hakusho both involve a young male teenage lead that is an outcast and not understood. These characters gain spiritual powers due to a strange event, and gain new friends who better understand them.
report Recommended by hitsuki_kun
Both of them talk about the other world, have monsters, jokes, etc..
report Recommended by advancedbr
After watching both of them, you'll see that Bleach stole a fair chunk of the plot and character traits from Yu Yu Hakusho. Both are great fighting/supernatural shows though.
report Recommended by Chameleon_Dude
Shinigamis, Delinquents, traveling into another world, lots of fighting. Bleach have many reference to Yu Yu Hakusho, like Baunto filler arc or Lost Agent arc (for example at the beginning of this arc Yuzu have Keiko's first hairstyle :O) + Same Director, same studio
report Recommended by NoBleachNoLife
Bleach is the obvious recommendation, not just because it is similar but because Bleach is just a little bit better, at least when we are comparing the highs of Bleach compared to the highs of Yu Yu Hakusho. When you reach the famous Soul Society arc you'll understand my point here in that awesome characters in a mainstream shonen series is definitely more valuable than anything else. And, this might be because long running shonen anime comes with some side effects that you are no longer interested how powerful a super saiyan gets because the idea of destroying every single cell in a person's body   read more
report Recommended by GrimmjowReaper
lots of similarites can be drawn out between the two series - Both protagonists are high school students.... Both can see spirits.... Both are accompanied by a female character who comes from another world, from the very begining of adventures... one gets the power of a shinigami i.e. To defeat hollows or the undead, the YYH protagonist gets to be a spiritual detective and hunt down demons.... And further more... Other crazy cranky powered characters who can defeat demons show up, same as in case of bleach.... okay no more going further deep into it or i'll be spitting out spoilers.... lastly i'd mention   read more
report Recommended by Snuffaluffagus
Both anime deal with characters who initially recieve their power from a Shinigami (Grim Reaper), and who work for the rulers of the afterlife to fight evil spirits. Both are long-running shonen fighting anime with an emphasis on one-on-one fights, though Bleach lacks YYH's frequent tournament arcs. Also, what happens to Ichigo during the battle with Ulquiorra closely mirrors what happens to Yusuke during his final battle with Sensui, down to the long haired transformation sequence. I see callbacks, intentional or not, to YYH in Bleach all the time. If you like Bleach for the fighting and not just all the   read more
report Recommended by Blind_Guardian
Spirits Demons/Hallows yeah its similar if you like bleach you'll probably like Yu Yu Hakusho
report Recommended by ramzacloud
Both anime not only have the same director, but also both start out revolving around characters that use spirit powers to fight beings that normal people can't see.
report Recommended by LittleCaesars
Both these shows have a lot of action. Both are about helping the souls of the dead.
report Recommended by ghostie777
Like Bleach this anime focuses on a violent and serious main character who fights against evil spirits and demons, also like Bleach this manga puts focus on spiritual powers and has multiple plotlines and characters that'll just throw you back and make you see a lot of similarities. Both main characters also develop an evil side that they have to learn to control.
report Recommended by FlazeReloaded
Both Bleach and Yu Yu Hakusho involve a (seemingly) normal teenage kid getting tangled up in the business of the Spirit World (Yu Yu Hakusho) and the Soul Society (Bleach). Additionally, both series contain a female mentor type (YYH has Botan while Bleach has Rukia) that teaches their respective students in the main protagonists their new powers.
report Recommended by SuperVegetarott
Both anime are based on Weekly Shounen Jump manga. They focus on a main character who can see and interact spirits, and who usually has to fight against monsters of all sorts. Both have the main character develop from a delinquent to a hero of justice, as he gathers more friends to help him in his cause. Both anime are action-packed, have similar comedy and an overall similar mood.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Both series start with the main character being seperated from his bodie and becoming souls. There are 3 different worlds in both series in Yu Yu Hakusho's case it's Human, Spirit and Demon worlds and in Bleach's case it's Human Realm, Hueco Mundo and Soul Society. Both main characters are connected to all three worlds in Yusuke's case he's a human (Human World), he is a Spirit Detective(Spirit World) and His father is a demon(Demon World). In Ichigo's case he's a human(Human World), his father is a shimigami and he's a substitute soul reaper(Soul Society) and He's got a inner hollow(Hueco Mundo).
report Recommended by StealthActivated
The similarities between these two anime series is eerily uncanny both the main protagonists are teenagers who get involved in the supernatural and spiritual worlds and fight to protect the living world
report Recommended by WeebPaddy
-Both have supernatural beings that normal humans can't see -Both have a 'demon' realm and a 'human' realm -Both start out small, but by the end the characters are at ridiculous levels of destructive power
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both have spirit detective, supernatural stuff in with demons and monsters and both have some pretty comedic moments
report Recommended by Arquarion
I agree with the majority of the crowd. Bleach and Yu Yu Hakusho have some similarities. I personally think bleach has better fight scenes later on in the series, but that's just me. They both deal with fighting, supernatural, there are also other world or spirit world similarities.
report Recommended by CharliKamisama
Both feature Shingami/Spirit Detectives in Yusuke and Ichigo. Both have female Shingami guidance in Rukkia and Botan. Rivals that become integral teammates like Uryu and Hiei/Kurama. The characters power up with Sprit energy in one and Spiritual Pressure is the gauge for strength in the other. Yuu Yuu is older and has a bit more of a comedic edge to it and less filler but the overall themes at the beginning are very similar. As the series goes on you have some of the half demon/ half hollow dichotomy as well so the parallels continue.
report Recommended by KingKronosDC84
Initially, both are about the clash between a delinquent from the real world and an agent from the after-life, with a main character that suddenly ends up gaining powers and having to fight against monsters. Later on, more realms are revealed, and the arcs are often about the conflicts between those worlds and the real one.
report Recommended by Kww_121
Shounens with badass protagonists who are always ready to scrap. Diverse cast of characters, both feature comedic moments and delve into human world vs. spirit world vs. demon world concepts. Banger OSTs also, as well as iconic major villains with deep planning and complex motives.
report Recommended by NimbleNimbus
Created by the same people and have such an badass story
report Recommended by Sundeku
It's like what Yoshihiro Togashi would do if they let him without any pressures
report Recommended by Ali_Eldaow1990
1. They both have a similar airheaded, loud mouthed, smartass, anti- authority, rule breaking brute street thug main character. 2. They both involve the spiritual world and taking over a deity type job to pay their savior back. 3. They both learn something about their ancestors mainly their (father's?) and thus it changes their entire being and life and flips the story on its head. 4. A close friend to ichigo the main character Uryu has a lot of Kurama in him aka smart caring broken unknown at first by us past and a evil history he fights against think kurupika from hxh. 5. Both shows have   read more
report Recommended by Razkable95
Similar stories with much action and adventure about shinigamis and the spiritual world.
report Recommended by Rehan1234l
MC gets special powers associated with spirits and receive tasks as substitutes to take care of non-human beings on Earth, similar art ('90-'00) (At the time of this recommendation I've not completed Yuu Yuu Hakusho yet)
report Recommended by RaviDavi
High school student that have supernatural power and try to save his friends. Ichigo (Bleach) get his shinigami power to help them kill monster called hollow meanwhile Yusuke (Yuu Yuu Hakusho) die and become supernatural detective to investigating supernatural activity in human world.
report Recommended by Payback__Noir
mundos espirituales llenos de criaturas sobrenaturales ambos protagonistas obtienen poderes y tienen 14-15 años y aparenta demas edad protagonistas masculinos adolecentes algo bravucones y rebeldes que les van muy mal en la escuela y son xsxp linda coa protagonista shinigami algunos demonios ahi
report Recommended by yesirena-otaku14
Urameshi and Ichigo are similar. Both are delinquents, initially have no powers, and gain powers to fight spirits after meeting a female sent from the "spirit realm" to the "human realm." The Chapter Black arc in Yu Yu Hakusho and The Lost Substitute Shinigami / Fullbring Arc in Bleach are similar. Both have villains that are predecessors to Urameshi and Ichigo. The Lost Substitute Shinigiami Arc is likely inspired by the Chapter Black arc from Yu Yu Hakusho.
report Recommended by PrivateJoe
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