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Both have a group of people or beings that are dedicated to disposing a certain group of evil. They both have a really nice storyline.
report Recommended by kurropt
The characters in both series are striving to become more powerful by training their skill and strength. Both series are about supernatural powers and evil forces that they have to defeat (Bleach: arrancar, Claymore: youma). But more importantly, I find the character development in both series also very similar, both Clare and Ichigo have a motive to become stronger, Ichigo's motive is to protect his loved ones, Clare want's to become stronger in order to avenge her deceased surrogate mother.
report Recommended by chevalier
There are evil beings that need to be defeated in both anime. In Bleach, there are Hollows and Arrancar while in Claymore there are Yoma and Awakened Beings. The protagonists are training to become stronger.
report Recommended by Kyo_Kagami
While Claymore contains a dark and serious nature in contrast to Bleach's senseless humor and hyperactive action, fans of one would most likely enjoy the other. An organization of sword-wielders, where warriors have varying techniques and ranks, is the major similarity between the two.
report Recommended by Sinslash
Bleach is basically a several hundred episode, more light-hearted version of Claymore. An organization (Claymore, Soul Society) has a bunch of warriors that fight a certain type of enemy (Yoma, Hollows) with each warrior using a sword that has a certain power. While the storylines are drastically different, the whole set up is fairly similar.
report Recommended by death919
They are both action packed and you learn to love all the characters. And then there is always the [spoiler] "transforming" aspect of each anime [/spoiler] which really gets exciting =)
report Recommended by raychel923
Bleach takes on similar themes in a more pg-13 type of action. focus on action is usually less and there isn't a fight scene every few episodes, characters are very strong , similar and seasoned with a bit more frivolity, making bleach easier to get into versus the stoicism of claymore
report Recommended by Objecterror
Although it is only 26 episodes long and there are basically merely 2 main characters, there are three important things in common with bleach that makes this a good tip for you. Swordplay, superpower and shounen-like style.
report Recommended by contris
:: Both focus on supernatural action, with a sufficiently engaging story :: Centered around elite, anti-demon groups("The Organization", fighting yoma; Shinigami, fighting hollows) :: Fighters in said groups are made unique by abilities seemingly linked to their personalities--differing fighting archetypes(offense,defense), supernatural traits(regeneration,agility), and sword techniques("flash-sword") for Claymores; differing fighting areas(kidou, etc.) and unique zanpaktou for Shinigami
report Recommended by Vaerros
In both series, the main characters wield swords to overwhelm their enemy. Ichigo and Clare share somewhat the same ability, meaning that Ichigo is a half-hollow and half-human and Clare is a half-youma and half-human. The only big difference is that Claymore has more blood and violence compared to Bleach.
report Recommended by ken127
Both Claymore and Bleach focus on supernatural sword fighting,both main characters crave to get stronger and in both anime there is some sort of a organization and a ranking system
report Recommended by Minn
Awesome and hardcore fight scenes with cool animation!
report Recommended by Kyokuryu
Big swords? Check. Half-human-half-demons? Check. Using demonic powers to slay demons? Check. Each person has a unique special ability? Check. There are ranks among the organizations signifying power? Check. An organization that turns out to be bigger than it actually seems? Check. A third, stronger faction which threatens the fate of the world? Check. Useless mascot characters? Check.
report Recommended by lxtazl
Both are about an organization (Bleach's Soul Society/ Claymore's "whatsername organization") and about fighters (Shinigami/ Claymore's Fighters) who protect humans from monsters (Hollows/yoma), being their powers based or influenced on the monster that they have to defeat. Of course, both of them follow the main character that grows stronger (Ichigo/Clare) as the show goes by. Also, both of them represent individuality and the importance of having goals. (That means that every character, with powers, have their own special attacks and techniques, (Zampaktous/yoma's aura). Both have tons of action and very entertaining fights. Also, be aware that claymore has more middle-age english style and bleach has   read more
report Recommended by jprosito
This one may seem an odd pick for some, but Claymore is EPIC and has a lot of the same emotion that Bleach offers. The main character is half human-half demon (Ichigo-ish) who is created to hunt these monsters, and becomes stronger as she goes, protecting the innocent. The catch is, the more often she uses her demon powers, the more that side of her takes over... and for all her kind, it's inevitable that they will become a monster themselves eventually... or is there another option?...
report Recommended by Soifon369
They're both about a group of sword wielding warriors with super powers who have to hunt down man eating monsters. Also in both shows the main protagonist has a dark side and he/she struggles to controll it.
report Recommended by AshitaNoJonas