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Bleach is clearly inspired in Saint Seiya and this is more noticeable in the Soul Society saga which is very similar to the 12 Gold Saints Saga. The Bleach Captains looks a lot with 12 Gold Saints, both looks "unbeatable" and the power gab between the protagonist and they are initially giant.
report Recommended by bereta002
Endless fighting, Each Character has uniqe zanpakuto/cloth, Similar approach on story, Fillers all over the place. Captains=Gold Saints Saint Seiya inspired Tite Kubo into being a mangaka. MUST watch for any Bleach fan.
report Recommended by NoBleachNoLife
Both have cinematic fights and an epic cast with a sub-theme of self sacrifice.
report Recommended by tersal
both tales about bishonens and pure manliness
report Recommended by Shaseking
I can't believe it, dudes. They both so similar! Bankais, captains and like them saints have diffirent cloths with diffirent powers. (well some times they share one element) It's like a Bleach 20 years ago! I didn't seen anything so similar (and i watched Beelzebub), you should definitely check this out!
report Recommended by zinigami
you will realize that bleach's style is a "rehearse" attempt for saint seiya
report Recommended by karambia