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91 Days
Both follow young people joining and riseing through the ranks of a crime syndicate. There is betreyal and the striving for revenge!
report Recommended by gurogami
Out of all the mafioso inspired anime entries out there, these two come the closest to capturing the very essence of the subgenre. The usual themes revolving around family, loyalty, revenge, and corruption are omnipresent. They center around the inner-turmoil of the mafia families on display, and in some capacity, also have a frenemy relationship occurring between the two main characters involved. With muted color-palettes, earthy tones, realistic character designs, and an invested attempt in taking cinematic cues from films that inspire it; these entries are something like gift-wrapped viewing bargains. The only tradeoff for watching either boils down to how much fantastical elements you're   read more
report Recommended by ZephSilver
Both shows portray a similarly gritty 'gangster' storyline defined by revenge and brutal killings. While Gungrave has more fantastical elements and plays out over a longer time period, if you're a fan of the slow-burning, retro 'mob movie' feel of 91 Days, then you owe it to yourself to check out Gungrave too.
report Recommended by feltano
Mafia, revenge, betrayal, blood, young friends joining groups, seeking for success and better life. Lots of action, shooting and guns. Dark atmosphere and realistic animation.
report Recommended by Hutai
both animes is about revange and mafia.
report Recommended by godieboy
Stories about characters raising in rank in the mafia, with betrayal and revenge as big themes of their plots.
report Recommended by MetaThPr4h
Both anime's share two strong similarities Both share the premise about a nobody/underdog getting involved with the Mafia and climbing throughout their ranks. Both share about a theme of getting revenge
report Recommended by CosmicTofu
Did you like gungrave's realistic mafia plot in the first 2/3 but was disappointed when it became more scifi? Then 91 days is perfect for you. It's a gangster drama with revenge on the mix and it's pretty good.
report Recommended by Georkele