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Ippo and Onoda are very similar in the way they behave. They're both modest and aren't aware of their true physical strength until they are introduced to the solitary sport they play.
report Recommended by femalegoblin
They may relate to different sports but these two series are no strangers to hardworking protagonists who works their way up the ladder to earn pride and respect. Both series deals with a protagonist who starts out as an average competitor in their sports of interest but later becomes skilled through hard work and determination. This includes facing the obstacles, fighting the best, and being themselves while discovering their own talents. They also show good sportsmanship with their peers and always fights for what they believe in. Both series has comedy and drama as well. Ippo has hints of romance while Yowamushi Pedal adapts a more humorous   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
So far, Yowamushi Pedal seemingly follows the same story as Hajime no Ippo. The main character is virtually identical; he's timid, weak, and scared of people and relationships. Both characters are looking to do something that they love and are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. Out of all the anime I've watched, this one has given me that feeling that I felt while watching Ippo fight.
report Recommended by mikesmells
Both the main characters are timid at the beginning. In due course, their hard work and dedication are rewarded.
report Recommended by darn_kavi
In the beginning, both of the main characters are in a conflict of some sort that later someone comes up to them and provides assistance. Then, they are introduced to a sport which they will enjoy. Ippo and Onoda have similiar personalities of being scared easily, apologizing for no reason whatsoever, and when they step in to their positions for the sport they play, they ROCK it.
report Recommended by 10makunn
Both Main Characters are loners who dont have any friends. Both of them unknowingly trained before joining their clubs/gym..which ended up making them perfect for the sport they chose to compete in.
report Recommended by M_F_M