Shirobako, Sakura Quest Recommendations

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Sakura Quest
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Sakura Quest
Pretty much in every way. Adult female main cast. Same Studio. Same art style. Same working feel. Same mix of comedy and drama. It's hard to think of Sakura Quest without comparing it to Shirobako. It's distinct enough that it's clearly something different but the show follows so heavily in the footsteps of Shirobako that if you like one it's worth trying the other.

report Recommended by Fircoal
I think many can make the connection that they're both made by PA works just by the art style. It revolves around group of 5 girls working together for a common goal and has the same feel to it . So far I'm enjoying and If you'd like Shirobako, specifically the characters, definitely check this out.
report Recommended by ModernTime
Same P.A. Works style, similar types of humor (at least from what the first episode of Sakura Quest has shown), and a main cast of 5 women working in the shows' respective industries.
report Recommended by Hiicantpk
More of Cute Adults Doing Responsible Things.
report Recommended by Arachnophobic
Same studio and same sensations while you are watching it.
The main character in both of them is mostly the same: similiar appereance, same personality.
Both shows are based on the problems that appear at the workplace.
Both shows make you worry about the characters problems and dreams.
report Recommended by vivianme
its fun...try it
report Recommended by kepompongkecil