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Absolute Duo
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Absolute Duo
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Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry
- Both set of characters use their Souls for Weaponry. - Both go to an Academy that Specifically trains the Students to use their Weaponry. - Both MC, and Main Heroine are Very Powerful. -
report Recommended by alphastigma117
Blaze(r)s as their weapons. Two main characters (of different gender) live as roommates. Almost similar cliche stuff and introduction too.
report Recommended by SkyNoHoshi
They both use a special weapon, a special being who can manifest one's own soul as armor in Absolute Duo they call it Blaze and Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry they call it Blazers.
report Recommended by Ancerise
Cool action scenes... Pervy Ecchi scenes... School/Battle Academy setting... Both shows based on Light Novels... Both MC's have special qualities that makes them unique... Nice Harem development... Both shows involve the manifestation of the soul, to equip a weapon.... So, if you liked AD, I'm 90% sure that you will like RKnC....
report Recommended by Konte
A magic academy, where the plot is based on a competition to make clear their skills.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Both have two protagonist of different genres going to a gym to train the their blazers (weapons that are manifested by the soul) and one of them is strong and the other weak, and who will eventually live in the same room and will enjoy each other.
report Recommended by Lucas8x
they both have powerful main characters and use their souls for weapons. they go to an academy to train these abilities. as well as to fulfill a desire the main characters hold.
report Recommended by dragneel1299
In both animes the character obtain his weapons from his souls
report Recommended by Sherak
Both of them are Magical Academy Battle Harem. That's all really.... I can say nothing more.
report Recommended by One
Both of which are anime that uses the style of modern magic school and put Main Character and Heroine in the romance of roommates. Both also have weapons made of their souls
report Recommended by azhari_firdaus
When I first watch Chivalry of a failed knight and finished it and finished Absolute Duo I got the same vibe from watching Chivalry of a failed knight. The first similarity is they both take place in a magic weapon school. The second similarity is both male and female protagonists from both shows use swords and they both have to fight in a competition. And that's all I have to say
report Recommended by UZl
In booth anime they fight with blazers. The mc is gonna live together with a girl in both anime.
report Recommended by FloooSenpaii
The premise - people who can materialise part of their soul into a weapon with which they can do battle - is almost identical between these two anime
report Recommended by kokorononamida
both anime have students in schools based around soul weapons both called blazes. both have a male and female mc sharing a room both male mc have dark tragic backstory as well as both are usually one is very unique an f (lowest)rank knight but still strong and the other is an irregular as his soul weapon is a shield. both have romance with a one have a clear couple and the other is more of a harem without being a harem
report Recommended by Paladin23
- Both series are about characters who use weapons that materialize from their soulscalled blazers - Both series take place at a school for those who have special abilities - Both feature a MC who has a unique version of the ability everyone else has - Both have a powerful female lead who happens to be a princess - Both are tagged as action, ecchi, romance and school - Chivalry of a Failed Knight is considered to be better
report Recommended by deusxavertat