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Whilst the similarities between the two are largely superficial, the short gap between their airing dates and period piece shoujo anime (complete with princes and sword fights) revolving around red-headed heroines not being terribly common still makes this recommendation obvious. Even without mentioning the cutting of hair. What is most striking about the two is the very similar yet contrasting approaches of their adaptations. Akatsuki has a vibrant Korean period piece design, complete with an 'Ancient Asia' classical-style soundtrack. The world-building is also strong. Akagami has something of a medieval Europe design with a 'fairy-tale' bright colour palette and a 'magical' classical-style soundtrack. Both series   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Let's just get the obvious out of the way here, both female leads have red hair and that seems to be one of the defining traits of their character to many. However, both lead women are pushed out of their homes either by a coup in Yona or an insistent prince in Shiraiyuki where they are pushed out into the world to find there place. While Yona is about a royal princess learning about the state of her world and the true role of a ruler, Shiraiyuki has the same themes to a lesser extent showcased in side character Raj as well as the other princes. While   read more
report Recommended by Amerowolf
Both female main character has red hair and both has escaping as a part of the story plot. Shirayuki escape from her country while Yona escape from her kingdom. Both has guys that protects them.
report Recommended by yHam
Darkness & Light, since always these two elements have never been the same thing but one was "completing" the other: that's what i think about Akatsuki no Yona & Akagami no ShirayukiHime. Let me explain better: Yona could be seen as a "darker" version of ShirayukiHime and viceversa; ShirayukiHime could be seen as a "lighter" version of Yona. Let's start from the main fact here that the stories are definitely different from one another: in AnY we see a princess who's been betrayed and her reign has been overthrown therefor she's temporarily on the run in order to gather her strenght and companions and come back   read more
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
The heroines are physically fragile and delicate but mentally determined, spirited and strong-minded. Although their social status aren't the same, most can comprehend the heroines are able to give almost the same feeling towards the viewers. The shows have almost identical genres and give the same sensation when you watch either of them. The artwork is splendid and has not failed to disappoint any viewers seeking for high graphical pictures. To conclude, this two shows could be a pair. If you like either one, you may like the other one as well.
report Recommended by darkj25
The anime's are similar to each other in which the female lead both have a unique hair color of red which is a rare sight for many and are strong willed females. Also, they both were chased out of their home and are targeted by others but along the way they meet other companions who protects them. The difference between these anime is the plot. In Akagami, she's being targeted for her unique red hair while in Akatsuki she's being targeted by the empire of which she's the princess to however her father was killed by someone she knew and has taken over but she along   read more
report Recommended by Duckii
both have a very special red headed heroine. Both stories are in past time imaginary countries. Akatsuki is more drama that Shirayuki which is very sweet
report Recommended by chiakimagoto
Both animes are put in a historical setting, the main character stands out for their bright red hair and strong personalities.
report Recommended by joanna_meow
Super determined redhead protagonist
report Recommended by Anime_Argonaut
Both heroines may look weak physically, but they exhibit mental determination, perseverance and resilience and embody genuine strength. They emancipate themselves from political restrictions, strive for improvement and thrive for strength. Both shows have unique fantasy settings, great world building, and conspicuous characterisation. The studios do a great job in the art-style and visuals and both look gorgeous.
report Recommended by LeFlower-kun
I really enjoy both of these stories, and they have many similarities~ 1) Both have strong female leads 2) The female leads both have to work to prove themselves 3) There are political restraints, and antagonists in the series. 4) Both take place in past times, Akatsuki no Yona seeming to take place in old Korea, and Akagami no Shirayuki-hime taking place in what I assume to be old England. 5) Both are at least somewhat of reverse harems 6) Both have phenomenal art styles 7) Involve life threatening conflicts 8) Both mains have unusually red hair
report Recommended by Nyaominyan
Both involve a rare redheaded girl who cuts her hair and escapes a bad situation and finds a group of warriors, including some kind of bodyguard (Hak in Yona)/protector (Zen in Shirayukihime) who they fall in love with along the way, as well as a strong focus on characters and character development, with a cast of interesting, lovable characters. Both heavily involve politics and royalty, and a reverse harem, though it's less obvious in Shirayukihime. Yona focuses more on action/adventure and fantasy where Shirayukihime is more slice of life and has no magic. Likewise, neither is particularly dark, but in different ways. Shirayukihime is romance   read more
report Recommended by Jennpocalypse
Both shows are historical shoujo's. Both mc are not physically strong but have lots of determination. Mc has unusual red hair. Both mc run away from their home because they are being targeted. They end up with some people who will help/protect them. The shows have similiar humour but are also serious. Both involve royalty and kind of same type of action. A similiar "vibe" and some similiar characters. If you liked one you will most likely like the other.
report Recommended by lalabella
Both anime are somewhat similar: - Main Character - Girls - Surrounded by Guys - Reverse Harem - Romance - Comedy - Adventure - Royalty - Action
report Recommended by CrazyLazyOtaku
-both main characters are girls who have unusual red hair -both MC's run away from their home -both MC's find a group of friends to travel with Akagami has more of a fairytale feel while Akatsuki focuses more on the action and adventure. Both have light hearted moments (Akagami more so than Akatsuki). The animation style in both is very bright and colourful. While the plots in each are quite different, both have a very similar fantasy feel as well as interesting characters.
report Recommended by tearbender
Both series star a young red headed woman who must uproot her life and find her inner confidence when something terrible happens to her. You will like both series if you enjoy strong female protagonists. Both have similar medieval fantasy themes including nobility, drama, romance, and sword fighting.
report Recommended by Tessaiga20
These two shows are incredibly similar. Not only are they both shoujo, but they are set in a fantasy world, and feature a red-haired heroine, and their odd colored hair actually plays a part in the plot, unlike most other anime. The MC's of both shows are, while physically weak, greatly determined for reaching their goals. They can also fend for themselves in a tight spot; Shirayuki with her potions and powders, and Yona learns to use a bow throughout the show. Both heroines are accompanied by a band of "protectors". Yona has her dragons, as well as Hak, and Shirayuki Prince Zen and his entourage. They are also   read more
report Recommended by gullej
-Main character with red hair -Main character can fight -Romance -Kingoms -Action
report Recommended by backfromthedead
Two young girls who call attention because of their red hair and because of some problems caused by the prince of his kingdom were forced to leave their land. In the path of both protagonists, they end up meeting new people who will help them on their journey.
report Recommended by Harumi_Matsunaga
The two girls both have red hair and are "chased" because of it. They both work hard towards their goals.
report Recommended by Hollygirl
• Both of the anime series feature a protagonist with red hair, which is abnormal inside their worlds • The equipment and clothing have the same feel • The protagonist encounters/teems up with a man that fights and has a title of sorts. • The protagonist is being pursued at some point • They have a similar atmosphere BUT, naturally, they do have many differences.
report Recommended by OniiiSan
The two series both involve a female lead with unusual bright red hair, which they cut short in an act of rebellion of some sort, and run away from their home. Both female leads have a strong heart and strive to become even stronger to be able to protect/stand by the male lead of their own power. Both series are of the fantasy, historical and shoujo genre with royalty playing a large role in plot development. However, Akagami is a lot faster paced than Akatsuki in the shoujo aspect. Akagami is a light-hearted and refreshing fantasy story without any real conflict while Akatsuki is more   read more
report Recommended by toriumi2493
Both anime take place in medieval settings with many of the same dynamics that occur with the power hierarchy throughout the show. If you are looking for a female protagonist similar to Yona who develops beyond the stereotypical "damsel in distress" trope, then you would thoroughly enjoy watching how Shirayuki in Akagami no Shirayukihime develops and acts throughout the show. Both are strong, determined, and passionate about their respective causes, and both are independent individuals who don't have to rely completely on those around them. That's why it's exciting to see how they act and how they develop.
report Recommended by Araluen
They both of heroines that have a lot to learn about growing up and both heroines have to leave their hometown on an adventure of self-discovery. They both have a little of romance and both girls have beautiful red hair.
report Recommended by BookMistress131
Both anime series are centred around a girl with red hair and the journey she takes that changes her life. Both series include romance and adventure. When I was watching Akagami no Shirayuki-hime all that I could think about was Akatsuki no Yona since the main characters and their romances reminded me of each other ^.^
report Recommended by nikkiikke
Both shows have the strong red-haired female lead in the center. They are both determined on a goal they have. They'll ''fight'' for what they want. Both of the female leads are spirited, and have one male lead around them. And both of these two shows will give you the same feelings. Higly recommended!
report Recommended by doNOTexist
Both protagonists have red hair, are strong, and they both take place back then.
report Recommended by Cherri_Blxssom
How Akagami no Shirayuki-hime and Akatsuki no Yona are similar: ~They both have romance and a bit of comedy genres in them. ~Both have female heroines that are strong (emotionally) and are mostly independent. ~Both play off in a semi-fantasy like setting.
report Recommended by Eucharis
Both have a fiery, passionate, and pretty independent, Red-head MC, who are both "evicted" from their medieval set home for some reason. In my opinion, Yona of the dawn takes a bit of a reverse harem route, so if you don't quite want that, "snow white with the red hair" may be more up your alley since the MC seems to only fall for one guy. (also note, Yona of the dawn is apparently inspired by Korean history, where as "snow white" is very loosely based of the fairy tale.
report Recommended by doge_desu_sugoi
- Both take place in kingdoms and the main charcters are both female. - Both are interesting and funny fantasy stories about cute red hair heroines that are loved by people around them not only for their beauty, but also for their personality and kind hearts. - Both anime have romance theme are well produced with bright colors and are overally optimistic in their mood. - Both Shows center around royal lineage politics and such and feature role reversals. - Shirayuki and Yona both have similar personalities and the stories are in similar time periods. - Both end up cutting off their long hair as   read more
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
So the story line is slightly different to Akatsuki no Yona in that Yona is trying to gather all the 4 dragons and bring eventual peace to the kingdom whereas akagami no shirayuki-hime is about skirayuki wanting to be a court herbalist and eventually finding love (hence romance). However, in terms of character both protagonists are very similar - other than the obvious red hair, they are both very passionate and strong-willed in what they believe in. Akagami no shirayuki-hime also has a few hot guys that like the main character and this is similar to akatsuki no yona. Both anime are light-hearted, funny as   read more
report Recommended by Scarleo
Anime similar to the main character and two Yona and Shirayuki where we find the two long red hair at the beginning of the story until something happens makes the two girls are based cut Her hair and this superficial reason, of course: p The main reason is that both the two characters are based escort both Zen and Hack in their adventure to manage to protect their lives.
report Recommended by Amiiiiine
if you like akatsuki no yona you will love akagami no shirayuki! I always turned away from it thinking it was another romance anime with nothing really to it, but I was wrong. its pretty funny! she is determined just like yona is and always has something dangerous happening to her or around her. the second season is soo good! I'm waiting for episode 6 to come out on the 16th!! this is a must see if your an akatsuki no yona fan! :)
report Recommended by Bubblegum6711
Both of the characters are praised because of their red hair. This is more of a nostalgic reason but both anime's give me too many feels for the female and male characters since I ship them so much. Most of the characters yearn over the red haired girl too.
report Recommended by crystalaubin
Both animes have a strong and independent female character. Both females have red hair and is something important in the anime. Both have cute love stories. Both females escaped their home town.
report Recommended by SeemaSama123
Both have girls with rare red hair, romance, strong female leads (Yona is stronger in my opinion though), strong male leads, take place in an older time, and both are really good anime! Akagami recently finished the second season though, there is only one season for Yona. I recommend the manga for yona as well.
report Recommended by shadowh09
The main characters both have red hair. Both fled their homes to get away from others. They both were courageous when faced with a difficult situation.
report Recommended by deathxangel33
They both have red hair strong female leads, with similar romance plots but neither is a mainly romance anime. Nice characters and a good story plot.
report Recommended by carollscamargo
They are similar because of the following: -The romance is heart fluttering. -The heroine is treated specially as having a red hair. They have someone who will protect them. They have something fighting for. -The art is really good. - They have a good unique element of fantasy.
report Recommended by atKatlin
If you like red haired girls, you'll like Akatsuki no Yona (a.k.a. Yona of the Dawn). Both animes portray a strong willed female lead who believes in finding their own place in the world. However, unlike Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, Akatsuki no Yona is a reverse harem. Though that doesn't change the fact that there is definitely some romance. I would say both of these animes have very well written stories that grab your attention. Definitely check Akatsuki no Yona out!
report Recommended by Alpheata
These anime are not necessarily alike plot wise, but aesthetically, they are very close. Akagmi has a more lighthearted feel and is largely focused on the romance part versus Akatsuki. Akatsuki, on the other hand, has a lot more of a storyline and is focused on that more than the romance (which is still there). Akatsuki is more actiony. These anime are alike with looks, as I said before. They both have red hair which sets them apart from people, and both have shojou elements. They are also very enjoyable.
report Recommended by flarey_
The two main character's resemble each other,both having rare and beautiful red hair.Yona and Shirayuki are always protected by their special one,making good romance scenarios,while the other character's are jealous of Hak and Zen. Adding action to the romance genre makes it even better! Sometimes , the female MC gets in danger,and her hero comes to save her! I highly recommend watching both shows~
report Recommended by -issa
Both shows... 1. are reverse harem series 2. Main female protag starts off weak and gains strength as the series progresses. 3. Main MC has red hair which is a point of discussion in the shows. 4. take place in a fantasy world. 5. have fight scenes (Yona has more fighting). 6. MC catches the attention of a prince/ king. 7. feature independent women. 8. have the MC gain allies as the show progresses. 9. Have a total of 24 episodes not including OVA and ONA's (Yona has 24, Snow white has 12 in two seasons).
report Recommended by Cameriera
Romance and adventure in one anime. Both female lead is similar in personalty and appearance where they both famous because of their hair and have some trouble because of their hair. Both anime will tell a romance story with interesting plot. If you're a fans of romance story i recommend you watch this
report Recommended by WinXF
Both are period animes, with kings, queens, princes and princesses, and the novel is very good!
report Recommended by Luh_meneses
Shoujo anime, female leads with red hair, fantasy/action subgenre
report Recommended by izu_22
Both have a female main character with red hair, which may seem unimportant, but actually their hair contributes to the story in the same way. They both stand out and that causes problems for them. Although, Yona actually has a reason for her red hair. Also, the settings are very similar, where royalty is prominent and there isn't any modern technology. In my opinion, Akatsuki no Yona is actually better than Akagami no Shirayuki-hime because there is more to the plot. Yona has way more character development. And I mean way more. Also, her conflicts have more depth to them than “oh no my hair   read more
report Recommended by jxllo
I find these 2 anime similar in a way such as the setting being set to a historical time period. Both the female protagonists are similar since they both share an unique hair color (red).
report Recommended by AOtakuXD
- both have female red haired main characters with one or more love interests - themes of royalty and fantasy -yona has dragons -shirayuki has herbs
report Recommended by blahblahanime