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Ao no Exorcist
I just feel that the main character has a similar situation. Being half human and half demon, the main character doesn't belong to either side. But they chose the human side and decided to get stronger in order to protect them.
report Recommended by reinee
Both of these series have half breeds of demons who rebel against the idea of following the demon ways, so to speak. One uses the Japanese lore, while the other focuses on using European lore. The main male characters share very simular personailties, in the fact they act rough, but deep down, they have a caring human heart.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both main characters are Half Demon and Human
Wield's a sword, and if it's gone bad things happen
Discriminated when they were little, yet raised as a child
Both use their head very little
Fights Demons
Father is a demon
Works with humans
report Recommended by surreal_
Both have a similar concept. The main protagonist has demon powers because of his heritage and uses those powers to save the world. Even if Inuyasha was reluctant at first.
report Recommended by Mckstellar