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They are both historical anime set in about the same time period with Japanese mythology as an underlying theme. Inuyasha and the gang are looking for shards of Shikon no Tama, while Hyakkimaru is looking for his missing bodyparts. This leads to an epic journey for both teams.
report Recommended by keiyaku_
-both historical anime -Inuyasha travels in order to collect the pieces of shinkon no tama and Hyakkimaru bodyparts. To do that, they will need to fight and kill demons.
report Recommended by RoseRose12
Both stories are about Japanese feudal / medieval age and include demons and Japanese mythology. Both feel episodic at times, but still follow a clear plot. Although Inuyasha is an Isekai and Dororo isn't. There is also more comedy in Inuyasha, although it still deals with darker themes too.
report Recommended by _Maneki-Neko_
Even if in Inuyasha, the main character, Kagome, comes from modern Japan, the story takes place during the sengoku period in both animes. In Inuyasha as in Dororo, the main character travels trough Japan in order to collect the pieces of shinkon no tama in the first show and Hyakkimaru's bodyparts in the second. To do that, they will need to fight and kill demons. Furthermore, the feudal Japan ambiance is pretty much similar in both shows, even if Dororo is a little more dark.
report Recommended by imperosol
The similarities between Dororo and Inuyasha are clearly there. Both shows have a stong male protagonist who's driven by revenge while protecting his friends fighting against demons and stubborn family members during the medieval times of Japan. While Inuyasha pursues his dream of becoming a complete demon and being confronted with the negative side effects of that wish the protagonist of Dororo has to deal with a somewhat similar issue where he wants to get back what is rightfully his but resultung in calamity for others.
report Recommended by Chouyren
Both have really good stories set in the past.
report Recommended by KaLeJa_DirtSan