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Both anime feature female main characters that start off weak but gradually grow as they learn more about the world around them and their own abilities. Another similarity is that both those strong mcs use bow and arrows as their weapon. Besides that, both anime are great Fantasy/Romance, which, in my opinion, is a genre combination that isn't usually well made. In those two anime the feelings of the main characters are taken into consideration during their journey. So yeah, if you're looking for more strong female leads which feelings are taken into account in a world with fantasy elements, there you are.
report Recommended by MaahHeim
Akatsuki no Yona and Inuyasha are similiar because in both stories wee see the asian folk culture involved and so much mystic/fantasy events. Also the main characthers are so strong, cool and cute. I really love both animes so much. Highly recommended!
report Recommended by Shizuku-Kuroneko
Both anime contain a good amount of action, yet also have a gentle feel that fans of the Shoujo genre can enjoy. These two series' are good for those who aren't a big fan of full-on Shonen plots with lengthy fight scenes, but still enjoy action in smaller doses. Same goes for those who enjoy some Romance, and even some Slice of Life, but don't want to watch something entirely dedicated to one of those genres. With everything considered; hese two series both have a good ballence of aspects that make Shoujo and Shounen Anime enjoyable. Each of which all blend together nicely as a whole. They   read more
report Recommended by AkinaChaan
Prepare for an adventure in feudal Japan. Bot anime features the adventure of a girl which is in the middle of a quest together with a group of friends with extraordinary abilities. Akatsuki no Yona has more drama, although the relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome is very well developed in the series and I must say that is even more developed that the relation between the two main characters in Akatsuki no Jona, but Jona side characters are very well developed and you will enjoy the company of those characters. If you like Inuyasha, give a try to Akatsuki no Jona, you will not regret   read more
report Recommended by Duo02
Both: -Takes place in the past -MC surrounded by boys who want to protect her -The female MC isn't useless -Female MC is an archer -The ppl travelling with the MC are "monsters" -Storyline isn't only about romance
report Recommended by Cindy-Uchiha
They're both have that 'first anime' vibe, well that feel to it i guess. Both are in fetal era japan. Both have archery woman basically. They're both kind of the same feel while watching them.
report Recommended by Hamburgermixtape
While I was watching Akatsuki no Yona(Yona of the Dawn), I retaliated it to Inuyasha a lot. It has the same kind of adventure/travel theme to it, though I liked Yona of the Dawn much better. The main character, Yona is almost like Kagome, but Yona has more character development than her. She is a stuck up Princess in the beginning, and slowly becomes humble and strong. I watched Inuyasha to episode 104 or something, and she really hadn't changed that much from the girl in the beginning. There is also a Inuyasha like figure in Yona of the Dawn! Anyone who liked this anime   read more
report Recommended by Oval
Same Shojo feeling, simliar style of comedy used. Both set in a more historical era and have both romance and action and supernatural elements.
report Recommended by SylveonQueen