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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (TV)
Both represent school life where there's a hierarchy depending on wich class you're in. MC aren't that similar but still you can connect them regarding some personality traits.
report Recommended by MrParadise
The main cast or the students of each series has to go through trails in their school lives. Due to circumstances that each student has, both of the students have to go through their school lives in extraordinary events to solve the mundane yet meaningful aspects in their lives.
report Recommended by Alufei
Both are set in a high school and revolve around a class which is looked down upon by the rest of the school, and the teamwork required by its students to achieve a goal.
report Recommended by tearbender
Both anime are focused on the grades of the students and the students of lower classes, that is to say, with lower grades, seek to surpass the upper classes.
report Recommended by Sergio_26
-same vibes (school setting with dark undertones) -lots of characters and similar anime character tropes -both classes are not-so-smart and are trying to get to the top
report Recommended by -Heika
- The main focus is pretty similliar. Which is a dishonorable class on a famous/top school. - One of the main character showed a similliar ambition.
report Recommended by absortio
Both have that extremist school element to them as well as the higher class you are the more you get. Both of the mc's are similar but not in a way you would know at first glance.
report Recommended by enderzach
- japanese elite school - main cast is the "bad" class, where only students with problems are - both anime focus on the main characters (with their "hidden" personalities, pasts and relation to each other) - same director, same studio
report Recommended by Sayaznk
Disclaimer: this is based on Ep 1 only, I will update it if needed after other episodes -Same setting where your class 'aka rank' decides what you can do and what not -Both Mc seem 'kinda' normal while they have great potential -Kikyou feels like kayano -Both have different but interesting story/plot while they are different from one and another
report Recommended by Hakan3369
Both settings are elite schools. Both schools have classes that are considered the best and the worst. "War" between classes.
report Recommended by KoroOtaku
Both of the main story is centered to E- Class which is the lowest of the low in their school. The characters have similar personalities. They strive for being graduated from their school which it is not an easy task.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Both are animes that leave you wanting more each episode. Even though the plot are different, both anime share a similarity of their class, 3-E (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu), 1-D (Youkoso Jitsuryoko Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu) achieving a goal. 3-E wanting to kill their teacher and 1-D wanting to reach class 1-A.
report Recommended by Ktyurem
The similarity between the two anime is that they both focus on Education related fields.Both take place in high school and make sure each and every character has a part in the plot. Both are enjoyable but due to the dynamic change of evens it keeps the audience glued to their seats and keeps on building the suspense even after the current events are over but carving a way for the future events to unfold.
report Recommended by ZaviourZeno
Both have a similar circumstance and they have serious conflict for school genre. It makes these anime have a very intense character development. Also they have the same place setting, an elite school which makes more interesting to watch.
report Recommended by Chan_Chun
both have similar styles and themes
report Recommended by FrostFever
Anime that involves characters with somewhat similar personalities, both revolving around a school that has a ranking system.
report Recommended by Wolfie8338
A classroom of "defective" students in which they have to overcome their problems to achieve the main goal.
report Recommended by Parnick
Both series have a similar school system with a hierarchy between the classes based on grades. They also both feature the individual strengths of many side characters.
report Recommended by ottertea
These two anime are about classes who have an hierarchy of best classes VS worst classes and the two of them is focusing on the worst class (Assassination Classroom : Class E / Classroom of the elite : Class D) The plot are different so you don't have the feeling that it's the literal same anime since the plot of one is to kill their professor and the other is to become Class A, but you can still find a lot of similarities.
report Recommended by Saturn_Waifu
Well they both have classroom in the name............ Assassination classroom is a classic with one of the most well-done and heart-warming endings in shounen. Classroom of the elite is a more grounded show. It has a bad-ass, cold hearted MC. The whole school dynamic aside, Classroom of the elite is a great watch albeit not as refined as Assassination classroom.
report Recommended by Monkey_D_Gautam
Both animes feature the school's "relegated" class and how the students overcome the bullying and discrimination of being part of it.
report Recommended by Quarantine95
Both have very similar art styles due to being made by the same studio. Very harsh school life, More specifically: Trash Class In assassination classroom 3-E is the worst possible class you could be in. It's the dumps. You get the "worst teachers", supplies, treatment etc. The same goes with Classroom of the Elite. For each year there are four classes: A,B,C,D. You strive to be in class A. You get horrible treatment, harsh rules and no help when you are in class D. The goal is to move up with your class to the next letter and then push the others down. A, B, and C   read more
report Recommended by Aryale
Both are elite school that the class (ClassD and ClassE) can’t do whatever they want. Both are class that their degrees aren’t same with the other class. Both are the main character want to reach Class A.
report Recommended by peachytomori
Ok so this is kinda a stretch but hey, ima make it. So both of these animes have classroom systems like (E in assclass and D in Elites) are rock bottom while A is the highest and most pressed. So our prtotags (In the bottom class) fight to change that.
report Recommended by Animeisverypog
both are situated in the school setting and have student protagonists with incredible wits.
report Recommended by futurenimo
Youve just finished one school anime. This is the next to go to fill your empty heart.
report Recommended by AdreNaL1nh
While this isn't quite similar in terms of the assassination and Korosensei and all that, CoTE reminded me a lot of Assassination Classroom when it came to the competitiveness between Class E and Class A. Both series feature a group of students stuck in the "bad" class, with both of them striving to overtake Class A.
report Recommended by hiju
The sense of competition and killing nature in both are so similar and fun to watch. TRUST. You will love this one.
report Recommended by roseylovegb