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Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
Gakkougrurashi and Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryoukou share a similar setting, they're are both post-apocalyptic. Gakkougurashi relies on bright colors and comedy with a splash of psychological drama. Where Shoujo Shuumtasu Ryouko might seem a lot slower paced with less dialogue but both shows do give off a similar vibe of eerie discomfort with moe style. If you've seen one I would recommend the other for a similar setting and overall world feel.
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Somewhat similar plots, and Post Apocalyptic genre. These animes tell the stories of a group of girls trying to survive everyday in adverse conditions. The bond between the girls is what gives them the strength to continue to survive and to look forward for the next day.
report Recommended by jose21
Both are moe post-apocalyptic anime with characters mostly composed of girls as they try to survive the aftermath of a catastrophic event that lead to the annihilation of almost the entirety of mankind's population.
report Recommended by Fureiya
Cute girls doing cute things being thrown in a post- apocalyptic setting, trying to survive and living life to its fullest! Like seeing cute girls suffer? Do you crave for more apocalypses and/or a fanatic of such thing, plus moe blobs? Than look no further, my friend! If you've watched Gakkou Gurashi, but was hoping for more exploration and world-building than Girls Last Tour will surely satisfy you. However if you are currently watching Girls Last Tour, but wanted some tension and drama? Than Gakkou Gurashi is definitely what you're looking for.
report Recommended by Theothydies
Similar overall feel. Both shows are about cute girls passing time in a peaceful apocalypse. While this is a lot less dark, for me, this is EXACTLY what I was craving after Gakkou Gurashi.
report Recommended by fropps
Both shows look like "Cute girls doing cute things" at first, but they're actually a lot more complex than what the genre usually has. Both of them have a unique atmosphere, that's also different from each other. And they also have some emotional last episodes. Girls Last Tour is a lot slower and feels more isolated, due to the two girls being the only characters in this wasteland, rarely coming across someone else. It discusses many themes of giving yourself up to despair, why people waste ressources on creating weapons to fight each other among others. There isn't much drama in many episodes, which helps in creating   read more
report Recommended by Sinankooesa