Kekkai Sensen, Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou Recommendations

Kekkai Sensen
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Kekkai Sensen
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Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou
Concrete Revolutio and Kekkai Sensen (taking place in alternate, more colorful versions of Japan and New York respectively) both have premises involving a gang of individuals whose primary objective is to main the fragile peace between humans and otherworldly beings with supernatural abilities. Expect lots of funky colors and explosions.
report Recommended by gedata
Both make use of interesting animation techniques, otherwise same studio and both super powers shows around a certain city.
report Recommended by OneHungryHippo
Both are about groups of people with superpowers who protect their respective cities from threats. Both have great action scenes, both are by Studio Bones, and while thematically they are very different, they both have that comic-book aesthetic to them.
report Recommended by RogerSmith2004
-Both feature a group trying to regulate interaction between the supernatural and normal
-They both have very colourful art styles and high energy animation
- Lots of characters
report Recommended by desusama
Small and interesting character Pool. Sick Fight scenes. Stories are a bit similar. Good openning and music, Concrete's story does a few fast time skips which can be confusing. Overall if you liked one of them you will like the other, though Kekkai Sensen is the less popular but overall better In my opinion ! Hope this helps ^_^ !
report Recommended by Arrekusu-san