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Boku no Hero Academy S2 and World Trigger:

Both have a arc dedicated to demonstrating their abilities, which will use it to fulfill their goals, in a competition, where they fight against their allies, until they get that satisfaction of being part of a force majeure, and protect people by themselves, either together or separately.

Unlike BnH, World Trigger skills are not that much of a difference, but like BnH, there are some with particularities, powers or abilities that make them different from the rest.

The main protagonists are partly similar:

Okumo (WT) and Deku (BnH): They possess their notorious weaknesses,   read more
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Both shows have a similar feel and combat scenes.
There are people who fight those who would otherwise hurt the world. World Trigger deals with aliens while Boku no Hero Academia deals with criminals.

The main protagonists grow in a similar way and learn to fight. Both main characters are successful because of their strategy and wit. If you like one, you will most likely like the other.

In Boku no Hero Academia, the main character works to reach the potential of his strength whereas for World Trigger the main character does so even as you don't see it immediately.   read more
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