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Adult characters with a focus on the anime industry and otaku subculture. They're both pretty unique in a medium that is all very much the same stuff over and over, so do enjoy.
report Recommended by Veronin
Besides both being meta-anime with a different focus for each, they have the same scriptwriter (Michiko Yokote), with Genshiken Nidaime having the same director (Tsutomu Mizushima) as Shirobako.

Genshiken has, though, a slower pace than Shirobako, as characters in the former merely watch anime, while those in the latter always need to keep to a schedule in order to create anime...
report Recommended by Seyfert
I recommend to anyone who likes anime that portray about anime and manga.
Genshiken passes in a college and Shirobako in an anime studio.
report Recommended by Usotsukki
These anime are a look into a more "real" side of anime in Japan, while still being interesting pieces of fiction. Both show adults dealing with anime and how it impacts their lives even as they grow up.

-shows the every lives of characters surrounded by anime, in Shirobako those who work in the anime industry, and in Genshiken otaku at their college club
-same scriptwriter
-older casts(college age and people entering the work force)
-meta-anime that poke fun at the cliches
-stories of people trying to find their "place" with anime as adults, if they should move on or continue to embrace   read more
report Recommended by WorstWaifu