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shows about being an otaku...experiences, people you meet and the trouble being part of a subculture or fitting in the "normal" world...NHK goes even further...the main protag is a NEET and not only a plain otaku. Genshiken is much more light-hearted opposed to the often very dark sarcastic humor of NHK.
report Recommended by DarkLaila
its more seriusly into the Okatu thng.. its as much as funny.. not much school stuff involved but it has more emotions involved in it.. etc its awesome
report Recommended by banglaCM
It's all about otakuness and relationships between people.
report Recommended by schneebeutel
Genshiken is an anime about otaku. NHK is about hikkikomori. hikkikomori and otaku share many traits,and so the animes are similar. Although NHK has a serious undertone to it because it actually looks into the disadvantages and reprocussions of being a hikkikimori.
report Recommended by Isumers
Both are looks into the social structure of Japan, primariy of the otaku subculture. This similar thread runs throughout the series. Genshiken is a comedy focused solely on the otaku lifestyle, while NHK is a dramatic look at the larger society and at the human condition as a whole.
report Recommended by jukugo
Though Welcome to the NHK's Satou technically isn't an otaku, he does start producing an eroge and is a hikikomori shut-in. I would say that whoever watched whichever show might be interested in the other even though the style, narrative and humour are completely different.
report Recommended by Korru
Both are otaku and slice of life themed. On a personal note, Genshiken is better than NHK Ni Youkosu.
report Recommended by Necray
Like Genshiken, NHK deals with different geek and otaku subcultures in Japan. Both can be simultaneously comedic and uncomfortable. However, where Genshiken stays primarily focused on light and geeky themes, NHK delves into the hidden, desolate lives that many social outcasts have found themselves in. Many people are attracted to Genshiken because they see a part of themselves in it, and personally know the unique humor of being an outcast. But at the same time, the reality can also be very lonely, and even painful. In the end, NHK ultimately centers around one question: when a person has become completely trapped in a hopeless life, do   read more
report Recommended by mr_utopia_man
Both are about people who are otaku's even though Welcome to the NHK has a more serious tone and Genshiken is comedy and everyday school life.
report Recommended by justinswood
Genshiken deals with otaku's and Welcome to the NHK deals with a hikikamori and a otaku.They both had the same feel.
report Recommended by DotHacker666
It explores the Japanese subcultres in the same way like Genshiken but goes a step further while exploring many subcultres
report Recommended by dPsychc
Both animes are about otakus or NEETs, and the main characters have poor experiences in finding jobs and try to create a game and doujinshi. Otakus themed animes are more into how to interact with people but at time they include comedy scenes or ecchi. NHK is much better for its comedy.
report Recommended by Lang
both animes deal with oktaku-ness. i had some good laughs watching both these series
report Recommended by TritonV8
Both series concentrate on otakus. NHK takes a more serious approach and deals with hikikomoris in particular while Genshiken takes a much more comedic approach and deals with the otaku culture in general. Both however deal with a lot of similar things such as spending all your earnings on "otaku merchandise", otaku clothing, cosplay, women and the otakus... These two shows are not similar enough to say that if you like one you will definitely like the other. However, if you find the subject matter of otakus and the otaku culture interesting, you will likely have an interest in both of these series.
report Recommended by shinigamidono
Both animes share similar themes dealing with otakus. Genshiken's story is more broad, exploring the comings and goings of an otaku club in a university, while NHK's story is more focused on the story of an otaku hikikomori and a girl who is trying to help him
report Recommended by LatrellMoonwell
Both Anime are about the Otaku lifestyle, and the hardships Otaku's face. Everything about Otaku lifestyle are portrayed, including anime, figurines, games and more. Both anime also have very good life lessons and are actually fun to watch.
report Recommended by GDManga
both are centered around otaku with main characters trying to make a dojinshi.
report Recommended by romtaku
In both series we find a critique of social phenomena. If Genshiken shows us the depths of Otaku phenomenon, by people who assume who they are; NHK shows a figure exceeded by that, living in hikikomori (young adults who live isolated from the world and others, cloistered at home, the more often in their rooms for months ... or more). Both anime then you will discover these aspects of society, these sub-cultures in many situations sometimes completely offset and others incredibly dramatic. (Sorry for my english)
report Recommended by krysyS
For starters, both series focuses on the theme of otakus. Yes, otakus who are obsessed with anime, manga, and video games. Both series takes the otaku theme and transform in into a cultural product, based on many Japan references. It is realistic and reflects on the typical "nerd-culture". Both series follows a slice of life style that has strange humor, comedy, and occasionally some emotions. Both series contains a small cast of characters but are highly likeable with the way they portray themselves, their dialogues, and their every day interactions.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both series focus rather, "Down to Earth" issues in dealing with the everyday lives of young geeks, otakus, shut-ins, and outcasts as they attempt to find their place in society.
report Recommended by LittleCaesars
Comedy - Otaku - Neet - Hikikomori. (N.H.K.) Satou : Another day coming to an end. A day devoid of anything.. How long am I going to keep living like this? (Genshiken) Madarame : I guess you could say I’ve decided to be a failure at life. (N.H.K.) Satou : It’s a conspiracy ! (N.H.K.) Yamazaki (next door anime music) : Puru Puru Pururin ~
report Recommended by disincanto