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School Rumble
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School Rumble
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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
Having a crazy school life? Well... it can't possibly be as crazy as the lives of any of the students in either one of these Anime. That's part of the charm of these anime.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Filled to the brim with stupidity, over the top antics and plenty of randomness; School Rumble and Baka to Test has much to offer, especially in the comedy department. Baka to Test is for those who like parodies, and the clichés of anime all thrown into one bag and mocked out of. School Rumble consists of many "short episodes" of gags, as to not bore the viewer whereas Baka to Test has a certain theme or direction of an episode e.g. the classic "Pool Day" Either way, if you like brainless laughs and just want something over-the-top and insane to watch then try Baka to Test   read more
report Recommended by -Naami-
Comedy where didiots are involved..actually school rumble has proper idiots and its as funs as baka to test
report Recommended by puvijain
They both are school comedy type despite not really similar to School Rumble, and School Rumble is way funnier than Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (in my opinion) they both share the same genre
report Recommended by RandomUser000
Idiots, misunderstandings, school based wackiness, and a little interclass warfare too because hell why not.
report Recommended by NeoRinTinTin
Both romance/comedy which revolve around a group of students, their far outlives and love dense main characters. Baka is more over the top in its antics and randomness but School Rumble isn't that far off. It's safe to say both will provide plenty of laughs and enjoyment!! :)
report Recommended by almostacrayon
Both are high school slice-of-life comedies with an idiot main character. These both involve love triangles, and rely on somewhat recycled jokes or gags. I also noticed that in the second half of both shows, there was more drama added. Both anime have a large cast, with plenty of quirky characters. However, Baka and Test seems to have more perverse humor than School rumble. Personally, I did get some laughs from both shows, but they just weren't exactly my cup of tea.
report Recommended by SugoiChappy
They're quite have the similar storyline and both comedy, both an awesome anime, and both worth watching.
report Recommended by BlackCosmos
The humor, characters, setting, and plot are practically shared between the two shows. Both are set in high school, feature a romantically clueless MC, make use of classic anime character tropes, and showcase characters the are practically copies of each other. These two shows go hand in hand as two of the funniest high school romantic comedies ever made and their similarity make them perfect for someone who has finished one series and is itching for more of the same humor/characters. The shows are similar enough that if you enjoyed one, you'll definitely enjoy the other, but different enough so that it doesn't feel   read more
report Recommended by Polim67
- Very nice set of characters. - Many references to classic anime. - Hilarious comedy style. - Nice openings and endings.
report Recommended by LeG4R