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There are some similarities between these two animes: - Same type of humour with the heroine and hero being involved in ridiculous random situations. - One of the protagonists is completely oblivious of the feelings of the heroine. - One of the protagonists is a mangaka. - Extremely fun scenes involving bikes. - One character that appears to be a rebel/deliquent but has a sensible side. Personally I prefer GSNK because it makes fun about all shoujo stereotypes, but both are really fun so you will enjoy one if you liked the other!
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both are general parodies of the Shōjo and Romantic Comedy genres, and they both involve romantic plots that are played for laughs and never really go anywhere. They also share a diverse cast of characters. School Rumble focuses more on a sketch comedy format with love triangles whereas Nozaki-kun focuses more on a slice of life format with recreational activities that bring the characters closer together.
report Recommended by YouAreAPirate
-One of the main characters is a mangaka -There is always something unexpected going on -They are both funny and the characters are likable
report Recommended by Jose07
Same type of comedy revolving around quirky characters in bizarre situations as well as scenes where a character has trouble confessing their feelings to their love interest. Very similiar type of characters between both shows as well (bubbly love-strucken girl, one-expression male character, etc.). If you laughed hard at one of these, you will for sure laugh hard at the other. Nozaki-kun mostly includes jokes that make fun of Shoujo manga/anime, while School Rumble includes many jokes at Shonen titles. Also, School Rumble has more romance than Nozaki-kun while Nozaki-kun has more comedy compared to School Rumble (but both have a lot)
report Recommended by justinspatz
School comedies with a similar sense of humor and revolve around funny misunderstandings and characters who like someone but are unable to tell them how they feel. One of the main characters of School Rumble also secretly becomes a manga artist and a girl from school helps him with his drawings.
report Recommended by thecrazy88
There are some similarities that I want to point out.. -Same type of humor(random and make fun of the shoujo or the shounen genre) -Both anime have characters that are involved in drawing manga -Characters that are oblivious to love -Minimum fanservice(There's a little fanservice in SR while there are none in GSNK)
report Recommended by Spike_Cazorla
Very very very funny anime, dense character, light hearted comedy, doesn't take itself too serious, I found both Nozaki and Kenji very funny and likeable. Tenma and Chiyo is very similar too. Cute lovestruck. The comedic gag is pretty surprising and unpredictable.
report Recommended by glicohonda
1.Both of them are comedy anime which use romance as the main element for cooking up comedy in the shows. 2.Both of them have elements of "character making a manga and the love interest helping them out" in them which is also used for humor and it actually works out.
report Recommended by Anime_lover987