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Both of these shows come from the same studio, and they have a similar format as well - reimagining classic literature in a different setting. Gankutsuou, for instance, is adapted to involve space travel. If you\'re a stickler for exact details, these probably aren\'t for you. They adjust the plot and such freely, but they try to remain true to the spirit of the original works and reinvent them in a new and interesting way. Some might hold that as a griping point, but I think reimagining rather than just regurgitating is an admirable goal.
report Recommended by Krelian
For many fans, Romeo and Juliet does not match the greatness of Gankutsuou, but it's still fair to call it Gankutsuou's spiritual successor. Made by the same studio, both are loose adaptations of classic literature that feature more futuristic, sci-fi-esque settings.
report Recommended by Anomalous
Gonzo's masterpieces which are loose adaptations of 2 literature's classics, with a new, sci-fi, futuristic setting. Both have drama, romance, and some action, a good cast of characters with their intricated relationships, and amazing animation. In both RxJ and Gankutsuou revenge is a focal point, and so is the psychology of the characters. Also, both have a romantic relationship which is obstructed by other people. Last but not least, both are about aristocrats.
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
O yes, if you're looking for something unique and entertaining to watch, then look no further. Gankutsuou and Romeo x Juliet are there for you and more ways than one. As such, these two series shares a variety of similarities: Same studio and therefore similar artwork. Both are based off famous literature works. Explores the psychologies of the human mind. Both series has supernatural elements and good drama. Additionally, both series has a strong set of characters in a well defined story Both of these series are classics and a entertaining watch.
report Recommended by Stark700
They are both anime adaptation of European classics. Gankutsuou stays more faithful to the original novel by Dumas, while Romeo x Juliet is more of a romance anime.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
They both come from the same studio and are loosely based animes from classical novels that have a more futuristic, science fiction feeling. They both have very good art and follow the main consepts of the story with its own added uniqueness.
report Recommended by BiiteYouToDeath
Both of these shows are done by the same studio and are famous works of literature translated with a unique interpretation of the original concept. Both have a science fiction/fantasy feel to them and carry similar overtones. Gankutsuou's art style is amazing and Romeo x Juliet's is cute. If you are interested in watching adaptations of famous works of literature, check these out!
report Recommended by Hamaneko