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Koukyoushihen Eureka Seven
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Koukyoushihen Eureka Seven
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Both series feature characters adventuring in a foreign, imaginary world which contains new natural laws of physics, new disciplines, species, new sciences, sports, political structures, and religions: Trapars=Alchemy Limit of Questions=Equivalent Exchange LFOs/Building=Automail/Alchemy Lifting=Alchemy Vodarac=Ishval Homonculi=Coralians Basically, the worlds feel similarly fresh and fleshed out. The character casts are equally large, with two strong male leads and one or two strong female leads. Both protagonists are on a quest to save the world. The character development and pacing is exactly the same in both. Both series are the same length. Both leave similar feels when in your mind when finished. The cultural/ethnic differences in people has similar detail. Extremely similar animation. Both   read more
report Recommended by auditear
Both shows follow a similar format, which makes sense as they are both shounen with similar length. FMAB and E7 both contain similar themes and similar tension as the show progresses. While the shows may be in completely different worlds, you get the same feeling from the characters and from the story. I do not recommend this if you are looking for strictly mecha shows or strictly fantasy world/alchemy, as you will be disappointed. Both are among the greatest shounens and both are developed by Bones.
report Recommended by braindeadrascal
Both of these series have a main character who were left behind of their fathers and who are friends with people who have participated in a mass genocide. FMAB and Eureka Seven also have the similiarity with roles of supporting characters. Eureka Seven in my eyes reminded of several different anime but it has it's own unique family friendly flavor to it. (As does Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood) It's a very nostalgic show for many and just a overall amazing anime to others. It does have it's quirks but, no matter why you watch it, I know you'll probably enjoy it!
report Recommended by InfiniteJam
Created by the same studio. Both have lovable characters and a plot that buildups to a massive scale. Both having incredibly satisfactory endings.
report Recommended by PrimeYona7
Both are great adventures who start small and evolves into a giant scale.
report Recommended by Madmordo
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