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Mecha anime, mixture of humor, mysterious "aliens", a large cast of unique individuals, not to mention both take place on a devastated planet.
report Recommended by yami_shinyi
Both Tengen Toppen Gurren Laggann and Eureka 7 revolve around small, young male leads coming of age in a world they don\'t quite feel comfortable with. With the help of their friends, and respective similarly aged love interests, both Simon and Renton find the motivation to better themselves and grow into strong young men. These shows both balance comedy with drama, all the while displaying heavy mecha themes.
report Recommended by Twitchy_Fingah
both are about young men who start out kind of unsure of themselves and wimpy, but through certain events grow and become majorly epic, and because of that end up changing/saving the world. And both have otherworldly girlfriends that they pretty much risk it all for.
report Recommended by Cadexn
Both Gurren Lagann and Eureka Seven center around young boys who are developing into brave young men. Both series include a strange girl that makes the young hero blush, and characters with similar personalities (i.e. Talho and Yoko, or Holland and Kamina). They also both have to do with mecha and alternate worlds. Beings other than humans exist in these worlds. E7 is the longer series.
report Recommended by SweetlyKaoru
Gurren Lagann is similar to Eureka Seven in the use of mech. But thats not all, it shares a similar young protagonist and a mysterious young girl. But at the same time Gurren is nothing like Eureka Seven, in that it is compleat fun insanity at times, and at other times is much more dramatic.
report Recommended by MasterSamson
Both are about large groups of people on an adventure to save the world. Both have constant use of mech, though it is more significant in Gurren Lagann. Gurren Lagann has more comedy and ecchi moments, while Eureka Seven has more drama and romance.
report Recommended by Chicken008
Various instances in the series correspond with each other. Spiral Power = Eureka + Renton's ablity to bring out power in the Nirvash Existance of universal limitations present in both series. GAR Boy meets girl situation in both series which develops a bond throughout the series.
report Recommended by YaBoiVipey we are!~ let's start saying that both anime have a main char as a boy that start the whole story with his own power. Both anime have the mecha side as an important part, and the factor 'a world to change'; also the characters group are kinda similar. Another great point that both series have is the Simon+Nia's relationship a lot similar to Renton+Eurka's one. For the graphic part: Good char design and pretty nice background design in both anime. And a really interesting story for both. I highly recommend to watch both! Trust me :3
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Ok, gurren lagann are super robot inspired and eureka seven are real robot inspired, but these two have much similarities. Starting with protagonist, renton and simon, both are fearfull boys and both makes a lot of misses but in decisives hours, they makes the job. Talho and Yoko, both are the sexl simbol of their animes, strong girls with nice attributes. Nia and Eureka are nothing similar but, Nia/Simon - Eureka/Renton relationship are similar, both are learning from each other. Both main organization (gekkostate and dai gurren dan) are similar too, smart, with a lot of confusion, fight and comedy with your members. And for   read more
report Recommended by bereta002
Both Simon and Renton are boys with normal lifes,but suddenly Simon comes up to surface,and Renton joins the Geko State.They both become stronger,and in the end they have to fight,to save the world. Tengen Toppa is more epic,and have a bit more humor in it. But Eureka Seven has more romance.
report Recommended by Bellzy
In fact I never thought that Gurren Lagann would bring the same feeling as Eureka when I just started watchung it. But after all they have a lot of common traits. Let's see: 1. Mecha. Mechas are everywhere, they are battle machines controlled by human, but there ought to be a special one that can be controlled only be whom? Right, main character. 2. Main male characters in both anime evolve during the series. They start as scared boys and grow up as courageous men. 3. Main female characters are somehow connected with alien race and bound to the main hero. 4. And after all they are global. The   read more
report Recommended by Nikkicat
Both are absurd, over-the-top, DBZ-style mecha, yet they are also deceptively deep. E7 features much more romance than TTGL, while TTGL has more focus on adrenaline, but both deal with 14 year old boys who learn how to be men by taking on the mission of saving the world, and having to deal with life's tough situations.
report Recommended by robfoster
Both Gurren Lagann and Eureka Seven revolve around two somewhat wimpy protagonists (Simon and Renton). The two ultimately become involved with a whirlwind of events regarding the fate of the world, drastically changing the average pace of their lives. Both protagonists join their respective teams (though in Gurren Lagann the team forms as the story progresses), which both serve to oppose the antagonist forces in some way and endure a variety of experiences, happy and tragic, that serve to develop them extensively as the story progresses. Simon and Renton have love interests that, while quite different personality wise, can both be considered   read more
report Recommended by MilesEdgeworth
A teenage boy main character that starts off weak but eventually becomes stronger a long the way with his love interest. The planets that the shows take place in are mostly a wasteland with very little life. The mecha's in both shows evolve to become even stronger.
report Recommended by Big_Tony44
The rebelling group, started first out as fun people, then became serious as the story went on. The Authority is protect the world but not the people. There is mecha, there is duo who control the main mecha. Renton, and Eureka kinda seem like Simon and Nia only R&E seem to have more love then S&N. Nia looks alot like Eureka, too. It even has Johnny Yong Bosch, voice of Renton, but in Gurren Lagann, he isnt the main character, but he is the second secondary pilot of the Main Mecha.
report Recommended by that_dude650
Both Main Male Protagoras changed a lot ever since the first episode, they both start from someone that's weak and silly but later one they both turned mature & badass :P Fighting, Drama & Romance are alike..........
report Recommended by SnowLife
Both of these wonderful anime are about a boy who is living in a cycle where it's the same thing every day and nothing changes. Then, a girl appears in their lives, and everything goes downhill from there. Both Eureka Seven and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann are also mecha and bery entertaining! AND, Renton and Simon (the main characters of these series) are both 14 and aid in a revolution to change the world in which they live for the better! I highly reccomend Eureka Seven to any Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann fan!
report Recommended by Ayanashii
Both stories are a coming of age tale of a young teenage boy who grows up piloting a unique and incredibly powerful mecha.
report Recommended by LittleCaesars
They both have B.A. mechs fighting each other... The action in both are magnificent... They both have a huge cast of characters... And the romantic side to both are awesome...
report Recommended by MudkipKatana
Both anime have fantastic mecha designs although Gurren Lagann has more extreme fight scenes; also both share a rather deep plot with intresting twists wich will leave you surprised!
report Recommended by Alchemimaster3
Yong boy protagonist led by a hot headed bad-ass leader! Evil alien race with a plot to suppress humanity! A love interest with a secret past! These are some of the thing these 2 anime have in common. The only major difference between Eureka Seven and Gurren Lagann are the emotions you feel while watching them. Gurren Lagan has a more FTW!! happy approach while Eureka Seven is a little more sad and logical. They have a very similar story, but have different tones. Its up to you to decide if you can like both The Gecko State and Die Gurren.
report Recommended by Mean_Monkeys
Both are mecha. Nia and Eureka are both special in their own way. Their personalities are similar and trust the MCs. Similar kind of plot involving different beings and a journey to save the world. They are both in the future. Both series are almost the same but Eureka Seven has a deeper plot in my opinion and has much more romance than TTGL.
report Recommended by CrazyWolf927