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it is somewhat similar because both is about solving a case.., in detective conan there are random cases in death note it ahs only one case, the Kira case~ ... both are good ., those two are anime to watch for!
report Recommended by ka-ki
They both need to find criminals and murders happen in every cases much like death note but real culprits :D!
report Recommended by Xfire
Both series are filled with mind battles, cat and mouse games, psychological battles, and thier main focus is on a detective trying to put the clues together to capture a criminal. Although neither anime focuses on action, their fast paced deductions, and dramatic scenes will put any action series to shame, as both shows have the punch of an action show, and the intellegence of a character drama (You will feel like your watchign some fast paced action show, although action isn't really present in either show). Both are smart well written series, with very interesting characters. L and Jimmy Kudo (Shinichi Kudo)   read more
report Recommended by Prede
Mind battles, detectives, murders, crimes, police, geniuses, suspense, strategies. Not to mention that Takagi and Matsuda are so similar it hurts. Detective Conan has more typycal shounen elements, and is not as psychological neither as good as Death Note, and is much longer than the latter.
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Mystery surounding teenagers, cropping up into their lives. On one side (DC) you have high schooler Shinji who solves these crimes, while on the other (DN) you have light, who creates locked room senarios where it is the ultimate locked room.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both include detective-like logic for solving cases. Death note is like a cat and mouse game with L hunting down Light trying to get him arrested for using the death note. Conan has less storyline because it has more cases than one.
report Recommended by Lang
Epic Battles of minds, except DC gives you a new challenger every season or so. If you like strategy, suspense, and complex human relationships, either Death Note, or DC work for you.
report Recommended by Muslim_Otaku
I'm sure many of you out there have seen the great hit Death Note, but may have glanced over Detective Conan or "Case Closed." Or maybe even the other way around! Both shows share the value of intelligence, cunning, planning, and deducing the actions of others. Both forged with great storylines, they are really deserve a good watch. The main differences are that Death Note is a bit "darker" both in color and in terms of death, while Case Closed is a much longer series with a little worse artwork, and the plot of each individual episode is what's important while the plot of the   read more
report Recommended by Pwnobi
They are both similar in the fact that you must grind your brain to decipher Conan's latest theory, or Light's next way to outsmart L. The story in both of these animes is excellent, and really worth watching. I can't stress how much you need to watch DESU NOTO or Detective Conan. The main characters are both very intelligent, and this helps. For example, you could have a main character like Naruto, who is annoying and dim-witted, but the show itself is great.
report Recommended by Jedclark
Both has that element of crime-solving.
report Recommended by iiHugglez
Death Note focuses on two things: Justice and Death, Detective Conan obviously & mainly deals with Justice, but not death. Although, I could argue that Conan and L. are very similar characters who both obtain a very great desire for their viewpoint of "justice," that killing is a crime, no matter the circumstances.
report Recommended by Stellio
Many of the suicides against a perpetrator will be certain of a human names the crime scene investigation case is very difficult and between the two characters of a detective. Between the two caused the victim of a death ie one of them written the name of a suicide note or a black man
report Recommended by Yukisa-Nanase
They are both mystery anime with an exquisite plot (both)about teenagers who's lives are complete secret and are unknown to the public.They both have a mager secret that if ever leaked could endanger their lives!If you love a good mystery you'll love death note
report Recommended by NarutoKirigaya
Both follow the detective methods of revealing facts and follow the case in a very thrilling way, they both have a supergenius mc, both of them have are set in police workplaces
report Recommended by Moayedz_ldn
Both are mysteries in their own sense. While Death Note is more psychological puzzles, Detective Conan has actual mind boggling mysteries. If you're a fan of any kind of mystery, I highly recommend Detective Conan
report Recommended by Dazel1412
both are about mystery police and detectives who try to solve cases although in death note is only one the kira case while in detective conan there are many cases
report Recommended by Mysterygirl_