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A high school detective everyone believes is an elementary school student and a high school detective who doesn't believe in his own self.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
They both have the same storyline : SOLVING A MYSTERY. Both have a main character who will solve crimes/mysteries. The difference is that Detective Conan has a more complicated and more bloody crimes/mysteries than Hyouka. Hyouka is much simpler compared to Detective Conan.
report Recommended by connielas
Both anime have this Detective aura. They both solve mysteries and makes the brains of its viewers working and thinking of who may be the culprit, or what did just happened.
report Recommended by FreeKill38
The similarity between them are both of them are all about solving mystery. And both of the male protagonist have an incredible ability to solve the problem. Both worth to watch it!
report Recommended by NajSuarez94
Episodic detective themes with romance, also good with newcomer to anime. Conan has some thriller and suspense, while Hyouka has more chemistry in its romance (that actually goes nowhere).
report Recommended by illivinni
Both involves mystery and suspense - Detective Conan involves solving crime cases whereas Hyouka involves solving general mysteries. Also, both involve main characters of high school with good deductive capabilities. Also, both has some romance and sometimes, emotional scenes.
report Recommended by kiner_shah
1 detectives solving different cases 2 group of friends 3 slice of life
report Recommended by Otaku329