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Zankyou no Terror
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-Both anime's theme revolves around a dark psychological thriller. These anime will definitely take you on a major rollercoaster with tons of cliffhangers that leave you wanting more. If you like one, you will like the other. -Zankyou is more subtle crazy, curious about discovering and figuring out what the real truth is while Yokashou knows the truth and figuring a way out. Both very big emotional rollercoaster. Both keep you on your toes after every episode -Both animes have two main guy characters and one girl character, very similar personalities -Both animes, the children are labeled with numbers and are born in a similar environment.   read more
report Recommended by iNinjeek
The Promised Neverland is similar to Zankyou no Terror, as the children have grown up institutionalised, eventually having to make an escape plan. In both shows the children are also given numbers like nine and twelve, which almost strips them of their humanity.
report Recommended by Boss_Ltd
Both show children being held in a camp of some sort and fighting against the society that put them there. Both have children named as numbers and treated as experiments.
report Recommended by danyelll
No doubt there are similarities here. The tone at times, but the key similarities are where both stories originated from. Both of our main characters originate from being test subjects and seek/seeked to escape, and eventually find the truth, while also exposing that truth to the rest of the world. Also trying to become human and find their rightful place as people.
report Recommended by EdTheAlchemist
Young fighters. Terror in Resonance and The Promised Neverland both have young people fighting for something. Whilst ZnT Sphinx's goal is not clear, Nine and Twelve set up various bombing via mind games the police have to solve before the bombs go off. TPN is slightly different in that the set goal is to escape Grace Field with its corrupted truth the children have lived with all their lives. Both are great mystery anime with both featuring the same amount of mind games individuals use against their opponents.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
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